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Bitmain Warns “Order Futures Miner” Scam

Feb 12, 2018

Red Li

11 Feb 2018, Bitmain released an alert on possible scams using the name of S9 miner, the Company’s most popular product. As the country with the most complete supply chain of electronic products, China hosts four bitcoin mining machine suppliers: Bitmain, Cannan Creative(Avalon), Ebang ...

Bitmain Made a $2.3 Billion Revenue in 2017

Feb 2, 2018


Yesterday, a surprising news revealed from Media Tek’s (MTK) Q4 financial management meeting of 2017: TSMC’s 12nm chip-productions has been occupied by Bitmain. Although several countries including China have already planned to crack down on digital cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the...

What Kind of Decentralization That We Need?

Jan 31, 2018

Red Li

Jiang Zhuoer retweeted an article titled:What kind of decentralization that we want? with his opinions. Written by Ying Yuan, the article claims that mining industry has no barrier other than funds while the coding side is under strict control by a few therefore mining is an open market, whose...