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PBOC’s Di Gang: Blockchain Needs A Central Governor

Jun 13, 2018


Blockchain needs centralization, a view shared by veteran digital currency researchers from China’s central bank. Di Gang, deputy head of the digital currency research institute at the People’s Bank of China, said Wednesday in Shanghai that blockchain’s decentralization is embodi...

Top 20 Blockchain Companies In China – Hurun Report

Jun 11, 2018


Hurun Report has released its first blockchain list over the past weekend in association with Xiha Finance, a Chinese blockchain media. Top 20 blockchain leaders, top 50 blockchain innovators and top 30 blockchain investors of 2018 in China were revealed and awarded. According to t...

67 Chinese Listed Companies are Getting on Blockchain

Jun 9, 2018


In resent days, blockchain is emerging as one of the cutting-edge technology. Many industry leaders choose to invest in this new tech to drive their business value. On June 4, Keda Group released an announcement on its overseas investment progress. The listed company has set up a blockchai...

PBoC Has Filed 81 Blockchain-related Patent Applications

Jun 5, 2018


As of May 30, 2018, PBoC (People’s Bank of China) has filed 81 blockchain-related patent applications, according to data from patent database of State Intellectual Property Office. Cryptocurrency and its underpinning blockchain technology have attracted tremendous attention from ...