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Blockchain forges business links in Chinese market

Jun 28, 2016

Chang Jia

Imagine a financial system that is far more efficient than the one we presently have. One that is less expensive to run and less costly to use, yet at the same time more robust and much harder to abuse. One that gives individuals more control over their financial transactions while better protect...

A primer for those with mental block on blockchain

Jun 23, 2016


The recent bitcoin hype leads one to ask: what is blockchain? Finance institutions are flocking into the new technology that powers the virtual currency bitcoin and is able to support a "distributed database" that runs on many computers and needs no central authority. But the technology is ...

China Joins the Blockchain Race With ChinaLedger Alliance

May 2, 2016


Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, a Shanghai-based nonprofit research institution which hosted the first Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai, is to lead an alliance of 11 regional commodity exchanges, equity exchanges and financial asset exchanges with the aim of creating "an open source blockchain...

Alibaba to Possibly Use Blockchain Tech for Alipay Service

Feb 6, 2016


Several posts on Chinese Bitcoin news sites like Coin News Asia are reporting that online sales giant Alibaba is working on possibly using blockchain tech for their Alipay service. It was first talked about on on Jan 20th amid speculation as to what uses Alibaba and Alipay mi...

Can blockchain help the cards and payments industry?

Nov 29, 2015


Blockchain has been for many years a synonym for bitcoin. Whenever people talked about blockchain they thought of bitcoin, and vice versa. Things have quickly changed in the past few months as shown by the number of banks racing to harness the power of the blockchain technology, in the belief ...