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Tencent Institute: 7 Trends of Blockchain industry in 2017

Feb 18, 2017

chris zhou

In the first quarter of 2016 the total investment to Blockchain sector in reached a staggering $ 1 billion. Investors are showing the enthusiasm seen in the internet age of 1990s. Lile “cloud computing and “big data”, the term Blockchain have been used extensively by people. Then how will B...

Why Qtum Choose UTXO Model and the Benefits

Jan 18, 2017

Patrick Dai

I have read the Qtum whitepaper over last 1 hour so understanding may not be 100% but this is my assessment. 0. Basically it is just another bitcoin fork with extension to the bitcoin scripting language to support solidity contracts? First of all, Qtum is far from being “just another bitco...