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Watch out! Asians Are Very Serious About Blockchain

Dec 7, 2016

Olusegun Ogundeji

A Toronto-based author of the book, The Business Blockchain, has hinted that the world should be on the lookout for what could emanate from the growing Asian interest in the Blockchain technology. Mougayar making a presentation at Talks at Google A Toronto-based author of the b...

Small Block VS Big Block Chain: What is being argued?

Dec 5, 2016

chris zhou

The debate between the two small block or big block is still simmering. 8btc has collected the opinions and thoughts that are often seen in 8btc forum and Reddit. from reddit: Introducing a fee market without consensus is fine vs. All economic changes need consensus Blocks are to...

The Economic Principle of Blockchain Application

Dec 5, 2016


The blockchain technology is widely believed to have a profound impact on human society, because of its openness, immutability and other characteristics. In this article, the basic concepts of trade, trust and other further defined in order to explain the application of the blockchain of econom...

Wanglu founded by ex-Factom CTO Closed 10m Seed Funding

Nov 29, 2016

Red Li

Blockchain startup, Wanglu Technology, announced completion of RMB 10m seed funding backed by Dahe VC and Fenbsuhi VC. Jack Lu, Founder and CEO of Wanglu Technology, said the capital would be used to expand the crews and marketing efforts. Customized blockchain solution will be ...