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eGame Now Has Its Free Trial Version Released

Aug 13, 2021

Crypto News

eGame unveiled its long-awaited first free trial version on August 9th.They realize their concept of E-sports 2.0 on their website “E-Sports.Games”. What is eGame? eGame realizes the evolution of gaming by using the power of blockchain technology. Their mission is creating a rea...

Vitalik: What Happens After ETH1 and ETH2 Merge?

Jul 24, 2021


This is the script of Vitalik Buterin’s speech on World Blockchain Conference 2021: (for video, click here) Hello, everyone. I'm excited to be invited by 8BTC to speak on World Blockchain Conference held in Hangzhou Future Sci-tech City. I'm sorry because of COVID-...

Alipay Releases Limited Edition NFTs Issued on AntChain

Jun 23, 2021

One of China’s largest digital payment service providers has entered the NFT game. According to local reports, Alipay, a major payment service provider operated by the Alibaba Group in China, has launched a proprietary NFT sales platform, offering its hundreds of millions of users the ...

CZ: BSC Serves Users That Ethereum Cannot Serve

Jun 1, 2021


The article is originally written by LatePost, now translated and published by 8btc. Original link: For most of the past year, Zhao Changpeng has spent time in Singapore communicating online from a small room of less than ...