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Infographic: An Introduction to Bitcoin

Jun 20, 2017


This Bitcoin infographic is an end-to-end solution to all your doubts about the digital currency. Today, you’ll learn all about the Bitcoin’s journey - from nothing to something. Anybody, in sync with the affairs of the internet, might have flicked through the term ‘Bitcoin’, sometimes, i...

Switching to Altcoins? Can They Sustain Upward Trend?

Jun 16, 2017


When attended The Global Blockchain Conference of 2017 in Chengdu, I met some new faces who just stepped into the cryptocurrency world. The next thing I knew, I was besieged with a barrage of questions about investment in cryptocurrencies. Is it a good idea to buy Bitshares? Is R...

One Bitcoin Helps One Family Get Through Dark Times

Jun 14, 2017


It all started with an email. One night(June 4), when I was closing my eyes while meditating, my phone was suddenly ringing on an incoming message. (I knew I should have turned off my cell phone!) It was an email from a stranger with the title of “”. The email reads: H...