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Bitcoin Is On Another Bull Run, But This One Is Different

Oct 22, 2020


Bitcoin hodlers are having themselves a day, and they have PayPal to thank for it, it seems. The price of Bitcoin shot up today by 8% following the news that PayPal will add crypto buying and selling features to its payments platform. Bitcoin is now trading solidly above $12,000, a p...

Filecoin Launches as Litecoin Plans Privacy Option to Mark 9

Oct 16, 2020

Olusegun Ogundeji

Filecoin, the much talked-about decentralized storage network designed to store global information, has now entered what its team describes as "a quiet post-launch monitoring period". The stage, according to them, is to ensure that the network is operating smoothly and to track its performance clo...

Chinese Team to Fork Filecoin

Sep 18, 2020

Vincent He

On the afternoon of Sep 18, Han Weiping, chairman of MIX group, said that they would fork Filecoin. A number of miner manufacturers confirmed that there will be a number of subsequent teams will announce fork. Du Jun, the founder of Node Capital, a heavy supporter of Filecoin, said he ...