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Litecoin, the Touchstone of True Love

Apr 10, 2017


“My Letter to Chinese Litecoin Miners and Pool Operators “ “Charlie Lee Tips Litecoin Price to Reach $14 On SegWit Activation” “Litecoin Moves Within 5% of its SegWit Activation Threshold” We hear Litecoin a lot these days. It seems that at this particular ...

Bitcoin Plays a Role in Humanitarian Assistance

Apr 10, 2017


North Korea has always been notorious for its human rights violations. Recently, the totalitarian dictatorship has been drawing criticism for the assassination of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. On March 8th, Cheollima Civil Defense(CCD...

Huobi host online event on BU, now looking for Core expert

Mar 30, 2017

Red Li

28th March, Huobi hosted an online event in the evening titled "Bitcoin scaling and its impact on price", featuring Jiang Zhuoer as the guest speaker. Jiang is well known for his strong support for Bitcoin Unlimited. The event attracted over 1,000 participants and Huobi is looking for a ...

Bitcoin Community, Time to Pull Together

Mar 28, 2017


Note: Cao Xiaogang, an early bitcoin adopter and holder, is now an entrepreneur and co-founder of a crowdfunding platform. He believed: “At this particular point in history, the bitcoin community should pull together to change the world of bitcoin for better instead of insulting and attac...

Op-ed:Why Bitcoin won’t hardfork like Ethereum

Mar 23, 2017


Note: Jiang Zhuo'er released an op-ed to refute the words that Bitcoin might split like Ethereum. He said in the end the market will determine the fate of minority chain. TL;DR 1. The minority fork of BTC needs to burn 200 million Yuan to survive. 2. The mining industry has the ...

4 Things I Learned as A Bitcoin Holder

Mar 17, 2017


Note: Wan Fangzhong, author of this article, is a popular and prolific writer known for his creative writing. He is running a Wechat official account of wansfang. My investment in bitcoin yielded a return of 330% in less than 20 months. Many people tweeted me asking how. Here is the whol...