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GGT, A Crypto Ponzi Scheme Went Bust in China

Aug 8, 2019

Vincent He

GGT, a crypto Ponzi scheme went bust in China after converting USDT assets deposited in its crypto wallet ‘G-Wallet’ to GGT without being approved by investors. GGT's price in the secondary market has long been unsatisfactory before it went bust. After the "mandatory exchange"...

UN: North Korea Funds Weapons Program Through Crypto Hacks

Aug 7, 2019

Bitcoin Magazine

The United Nations has claimed that the government of North Korea has managed to drum up some $2 billion for its missile and nuclear weapon programs, using only a series of advanced cyberattacks that regularly targeted crypto asset exchanges. According to a Reuters report on August 5, 2...

Bitcoin Price Surge: Maybe Not Trade War But Whales

Aug 6, 2019

Olusegun Ogundeji

The impact of the superfluous trade war between the US and China may be widening on a scale that is seeing investment diversified into global assets but it may not be responsible for the surge in Bitcoin price, a crypto insider said. Amidst the rising tension between the two largest economi...