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What Kind of Decentralization That We Need?

Jan 31, 2018

Red Li

Jiang Zhuoer retweeted an article titled:What kind of decentralization that we want? with his opinions. Written by Ying Yuan, the article claims that mining industry has no barrier other than funds while the coding side is under strict control by a few therefore mining is an open market, whose...

98% of ICOs are Doomed to Fail?

Jan 25, 2018


“98% of ICOs will fail .” Yibo Shao, a well-known venture capitalist in China, said. As blockchain and cryptocurrency fever gets hotter, Yibo Shao(also known as Bo Shao) shared his own views over this hype on the Wechat Moments last week. The overwhelming majority of ICO(I...

Another ICO Scam Alert: This New Token Sank 90% After ICO

Jan 22, 2018


A new cryptocurrency HPS sank as much as 90% of its ICO price after it got listed on a bitcoin exchange. A promising blockchain project or another ICO scam? “After my investigation, It is certainly a fraud.” A veteran crypto trader claimed on his Weibo account on January 22. ...