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An agent of change: bitcoins lure investors

Jun 23, 2016


Kevin Sun sold out his more than 1,000 bitcoins last week at the price above 5,100 yuan ($785) each, reaping an almost 100 percent return on investment when the digital currency hit a two-year high. The Beijing-based professional individual investor poured money into bitcoins through the Huo...

How The Bitcoin Protocol Works

May 25, 2016

Chalmers Brown

An increasing number of businesses and consumers are now considering bitcoin, a new type of currency that offers a potential global-encompassing digital payment method. With this growing acceptance, it's important to learn the essential components of this platform designed to change how we buy and...

Gavin Andresen is Not Giving Up on Bitcoin Classic

May 11, 2016


During a recent AMA on Chinese Bitcoin community website 8btc, Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist Gavin Andresen confirmed that he’s not giving up on Bitcoin Classic and the project intends to proceed with their development plans. Andresen also reiterated his past statements regardin...

Is China saving Bitcoin, or destroying it?

Mar 21, 2016


I recently talked with Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC, China’s first and biggest bitcoin exchange. It would be fair to call Bobby an optimist when it comes to Bitcoin in China and throughout the world. “The great part is that in China, Bitcoin is very popular. There’s a lot of specula...

Bitcoin HongKong Roundtable Consensus

Feb 21, 2016


On February 21st, 2016, in Hong Kong’s Cyberport, representatives from the bitcoin industry and members of the development community have agreed on the following points: We understand that SegWit continues to be developed actively as a soft-fork and is likely to proceed towards release o...

BTCC Deploys 100 Full Bitcoin Nodes Across Five Continents

Dec 25, 2015


BTCC today deployed 100 full bitcoin nodes across five continents to support the bitcoin network. Full bitcoin nodes enforce the rules of the bitcoin network by serving a full copy of the bitcoin blockchain and validating blocks and transactions. BTCC is the first bitcoin exchange and fi...

China’s Miners Heat Up Debate at Scaling Bitcoin Hong Kong

Dec 6, 2015


If the goal of the second Scaling Bitcoin conference was to highlight an “emerging consensus” on the challenges facing the bitcoin network, the day’s panels served mostly to highlight the sometimes extreme differences in opinion that remain between key stakeholders in the technology’s open-so...

China now Controls Bitcoin and that’s just the Beginning

Dec 3, 2015


Americans have had it good for a long time. Since the end of WWII, it has been a privilege to be an American. Since the United States took over the Global Reserve Currency from Britain in 1944 at Bretton Woods, life couldn’t be better for an American. When you have a license to pr...