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Op-ed: Should I exchange one BTC for one month of labor?

Mar 10, 2017

ShiLiang Huang

Note: author of this op-ed is Shiliang Huang. He is an opinion leader in the Chinese bitcoin circle. According to the official statistics, the average annual  income of Chinese is 62,029 yuan, or ~5170 a month. Chapter 0 Introduction In the last three months, the price of Bitcoin...

Will the Big Three allow bitcoin withdrawal in March?

Mar 6, 2017

Red Li

It’s almost one month now since the Big Three bitcoin exchanges announced the halting of bitcoin withdrawal announced on 9th Feb. Investors have been anxiously waiting for any update from the exchange. Suspension of bitcoin withdrawal is not direct order from regulators, but more as a sign of...

To Understand Soft/hard-fork Issue from Technique’s Angle

Feb 24, 2017

chris zhou

To update Segregated Witness issue via soft-fork is quite contentious both for SegWit and for soft fork (some people think hard-fork is needed for SegWit’s update). Now let’s see the issue from technology angle to make a judgement on which one is right. Hard/soft fork issue concerns de...

Sosobtc adopts Bitfinex price amid market confusion

Feb 17, 2017

Red Li

Earlier today, sosobtc, one of the most popular price watch app in China, announced on weibo that the default CNY price would be based on Bitfinex price due to “Variance of bitcoin price between domestic exchanges and foreign exchanges” The move sheds light on providing a more reliable b...

Chinese bitcoin traders lost track of authentic price

Feb 14, 2017

Red Li

As the latest response to the regulatory pressure, Haobtc plans to remove “trading” feature and shutdown of CNY deposit on Monday. Bitkan also chose to stay low by suspending verification of new OTC traders. Chinese traders are seeking genuine bitcoin trade price. Haobtc released a st...