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The Misconceptions about SegWit, a Heated Debate on 8btc

Nov 30, 2016

Red Li

There have been lots of discussions about the war between the SegWit (SW) and the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) on 8btc forum in recent days. “BU Party" on 8btc refers to those who support Bitcoin Unlimited. "Beginagain" started a thread on 8btc forum :the Misconceptions about SegWit, w...

Bitcoin: What India Can Learn From China

Nov 24, 2016

Olusegun Ogundeji

Particularly at this crucial point in the country’s process of demonetization which has caused the citizens to seek alternative methods of handling their money issues, there have been suggestions that India could learn from China in matters related to both blockchain and bitcoin as they get more...

SegWit Gain 20% of Hashing Rate after BTCC Flag Support

Nov 23, 2016

Red Li

On a statement released on 18th Nov, BTCC announced full support of SegWit, which resulted in a spike on SegWit adoption: The last 2k block segwit activation graph. Source: The bitcoin core adoption page shows the 22 entities are SegWit ready and 42 more on the l...

PBOC aims to develop digital currency

Nov 16, 2016


China's central bank is recruiting blockchain experts to step up efforts to develop an official digital currency. The People's Bank of China's institute of printing science is offering six positions for the design and development of digital currency-related software and hardware framework, a...

Chinese Investors Turn to Bitcoin Amid Yuan Depreciation

Nov 8, 2016


The continuous devaluation of the Yuan has increased demand for bitcoin and new asset classes in China. Today, the country counts some 2 million bitcoin users; among them, 80 percent are speculating for short-term profit and about 14 percent are holding long-term, recognizing the value of the di...