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Switching to Altcoins? Can They Sustain Upward Trend?

Jun 16, 2017


When attended The Global Blockchain Conference of 2017 in Chengdu, I met some new faces who just stepped into the cryptocurrency world. The next thing I knew, I was besieged with a barrage of questions about investment in cryptocurrencies. Is it a good idea to buy Bitshares? Is R...

One Bitcoin Helps One Family Get Through Dark Times

Jun 14, 2017


It all started with an email. One night(June 4), when I was closing my eyes while meditating, my phone was suddenly ringing on an incoming message. (I knew I should have turned off my cell phone!) It was an email from a stranger with the title of “”. The email reads: H...

President of Unionpay Anxious About the Rise of Bitcoin

May 22, 2017

Red Li

18th May Beijing-A report by the 21st Century Economic Report reveals that Shi Wenchao, the President of China UnionPay, is very anxious about the rise of Bitcoin. The reason is that he doesn’t know when the Bitcoin technology or relevant product would deliver lethal blow to payment ...

What Do Chinese People Think of Bitcoin?

May 19, 2017


"Help! How to pay the ransom?" "What do you know about wannacry?" "News about bitcoin everywhere? How can i buy it? Make me rich!" Recently, a lot of my former friends come to me asking what bitcoin is all about, which is really, really weird, because they haven’t talked to ...

Bitcoin Bubble Blasts: It’s Only a Matter of Time

May 18, 2017


Note: Yi Kelun, president of Corporate Strategy Institute of Anshan city, Anhui province of China, talks about the difference between virtual economy and false economy. Virtual economy is operated on the basis of real economy. A stone can be as precious as a pearl if Taylor Swift w...

Bitcoin Can Be Used For Bad, So as Fiat Currencies

May 17, 2017


An unprecedented ransomware Wannacry has effortlessly made thousands of Chinese college students, especially senior students cry like a baby. The cyberattack locks down their papers on infected computers and asks them to pay $300 worth of bitcoin to regain control of them. The hard fact is tha...