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Netease Launch Blockchain Games Channel With 3 Categories

22 March, Netease launch a navigation for blockchain-based games on its game channel.  The page categorized and evaluated existing blockchain games, allowing players to choose games according to their interests.

Since blockchain games do not focus on playability, players are more concerned about whether they can make money through games. However, many blockchain games are more like proof of concept. Netease ranks blockchain games based on market data, media reports and other info so that new players can to quickly find their favorite games.
In January 2018, Netease rolled its own blockchain game, Lucky Cat. NetEase pioneered  to deploy blockchain technology for recreational and leisurely purposes.
In February 2018, Baidu released their blockchain-based game, Petchain. It is very much alike with Cryptokitties. The development team of the Petchain is Baidu financial blockchain laboratory. Although it was just released as a beta product, it was actually based on baidu wallet, which Baidu is relentlessly promoting to gain market share in online payment. Right now the Petchain has been silent for a while.
The crypto rabbit of Xiaomi was released earlier this month.  User needs to complete tasks to obtain carrots or crypto rabbits, or trade carrots for crypto rabbits. The rabbits quickly sold out on the same day. Xiaomi was afraid that the risk was too high and only allow partial functions at the moment.

Tan Li, chief editor of Netease Play, said that blockchain games are classified according to whitepaper, roadmap, actual progress, media reports and third-party data. Status of blockchain games is classified into three categories: normal or stable operation, offline or pending for observation, terminated or serious problem. The platform aims to provide reference information for players. In addition, the navigation site also provides practical links such as platforms and services, rankings, and tools, offering one-stop solution.

Traditional internet companies are marching into the realm of blockchain and they mostly chose to gamify their product to test reaction from market and regulators. Anyway, the concept of blockchain may be better explained by a pet.

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