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Netease Blockchain App Questioned To Steal User Privacy

Despite the pressing regulation, Chinese enterprises never stop to get involved with blockchain. Netease made another attempt after the Cryptokitties-type game was taken offline. On February 9, Netease rolled out another blockchain-based app called Planet of Force, referral code of which were soon posted around in socializing tools like WeChat. But soon, the app was questioned to steal user privacy and other issues. At present, the  promotion link of Netease blockchain planet has been prohibited by WeChat because:netease22

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A week ago, Baidu launched a blockchain e pet game – Petchain, which is simply summarized with “Digital Dogs Empowered by Baidu Blockchain Technology and cannot be modified or destroyed.”
Under the regulatory pressure, the entertainment industry is also being drawn to the blockchain fever. Wang Feng, a well-known rock star in China, has become a fan of bitcoin and blockchain, claiming “Decentralization is awesome. I want to be the first artist in China to issue coins, if possible.”
The “Planet of Force” was developed by Netease financial. Users get rewarded through the daily check-in activities, similar to the QQ upgrade mode. Users are required to input data of personal ID, travel, health, educational level, social credit, entertainment, shopping, etc to get “Force” and “Black Diamond”. In order to dodge the “ICO Ban”, all tokens rewarded in the App are free to get and prohibited from transferring.
The popularity of the app not only comes from the endorsement of Netease bust also the assertion that ” distribution decrease like bitcoin”. It’s said that hundreds of thousands of users registered real-name within 24 hours. However, users were told that the conduct was based on the “exchange of value” between the personal info and the platform. The app was questioned to collect personal privacy in the name of the blockchain. Netease financial has always been eying the p2p financial market, collecting personal info is the first step.
According to Top Financial, on February 11, in the backstage lounge of “I’m a Singer,” Wang Feng talked about blockchain and bitcoin for over an hour and determined to “become the first Chinese artist to issue tokens”. Thanks to Cai Wensheng, board member of Meitu, Wang Feng began to pay attention to blockchain and bitcoin. Cai posted in his wechat moment that 10 bitcoins was set as the top prize on Meitun’s annual party.


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