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NEO Talks Blockchain Growth in China, Launches Kit for 21 Million Developers

The first NEO Community Assembly (NCA) has seen the launch of three NEO3.0 products —NEO•ONE, NeoFS (NEO distributed file system), and NEO Blockchain Toolkit. The week-long event also brought together leading China-based blockchain leaders including Ontology, VeChain, PlatON, Bytom, Conflux, and TomoChain. Key among their discussions are the future of China’s blockchain landscape and regulators’ relationship with the industry as well as ways to build a more collaborative future.

With an overall objective to enhance large-scale commercial blockchain adoption through high reliability, throughput, and big data for the foundation of next-generation Internet, NEO3.0 is not a single release. It has several features set to be rolled out in the coming months at its full-scale launch. The newly-released products form a part to empower developers and create enterprise-grade blockchain innovations for the future.

Serving developers with blockchain toolkit  

NEO•ONE offers a highly accessible end-to-end framework to enable easy and optimized coding, testing and deployment of NEO dApps while NeoFS is a decentralized data storage system with unparalleled privacy, security, fault tolerance, scalability, and performance for future need.

NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET and NEO Express is the plug-in for developers to access a comprehensive suite of smart contract development tools through Microsoft Visual Studio. Developed by Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET, the kit is to help lower the entry barrier for the world’s 21 mln developers and the 7 mln developers that work on .NET and Visual Studio every month.

Working with Visual Studio Code brings several advantages including allowing the NEO Smart Contract Debugger and Compiler which enables a fully friction-free Smart Contract edit-compiling-debug-testing-deploy experience. It also allows for the NEO-FX Library to serve as the Unified Programming Model and the NEO Visual DevTracker as a developer-focused chain explorer and tracker. NEO is the only blockchain that has been invited to join the .NET foundation of Microsoft.

NEO’s general outlook in coming years 

The toolkit is expected to draw more developers to NEO hopefully leading to more projects on the platform with high development speed. However, there’s no guarantee any blockchain project will survive including NEO with its 3.0 upgrade.

With the likes of Vechain partnering Walmart across China, not many activities have been recorded on the NEO network due to few transactions according to Blocktivity which observes blockchain projects as they are used to predict their likely value.

Capitulation has hit every altcoin and there are suggestions that many of them will fade away except with strong utility which will in turn create demand for their native assets. Despite being one of the only large projects written in .NET, without adoption for more than two years and is still losing projects (e.g. Travala hotel booking platform which has over 1,700,000 properties globally), NEO may continue to drop as one of the passive income coins – having dropped to almost $9 since it hit $162 during the last bull run.

NEO promises Smart Economy (Digital Assets + Digital ID + Smart Contract), multi-coding language support and high on-chain transaction throughput among others. But with the look of things, it may take the next two to three years for real usage to start on its 3.0 platform.

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