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MOV Trading Logic is Open for Testing

On November 25, Bytom’s team opens source parts of MOV’s trading logic protocol, which will be open to developers for testing.


MOV is the decentralized cross chain value exchange protocol based on Bystack’s main chain & side chain structure. As the value exchange engine under MOV protocol, Magnet Contract answers to the trading demand on both chains through Vapor. It is able to complete multiple exchanges in one single transaction while maintaining high TPS, which will significantly improve transaction efficiency while expanding trading depth, and realize trading via transaction.

This public testing module is mainly focusing on the core trading logic under MOV protocol. We will be opening trading function related API so that developers could submit trading demands through Vapor, and all the trading demands will be reorganized and consolidated through the Magnet Contract.

A CLI executable file is provided to enable developers to experience the trading function of testnet easier and more conveniently:


  • LabelMen
    3 years ago LabelMen

    Wow! Everything goes according to plan! MOV is a very interesting and useful tool that takes the project to a new level and I wish as many developers as possible to pay attention to this event!

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