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MOV to be launched, Control your assets, Transaction is trading

Want to trade assets but concerned about exchange’s security? Don’t want to miss the opportunity but want to fully control your assets? Want to buy/sell orders and exchange with one click? Come and try MOV! All your requirements will be met!


Fully control your assets

The shut down of a crypto exchange recently caused significant asset loss for many investors and influenced the trust and confidence within the industry. Blockchain is a decentralized system while most users’ assets are under custody of centralized institutions, relying on abstract promise of not doing evil. Without complete control on their own assets, it’s difficult for users to get back assets once something happen to these centralized institutions.

MOV is entirely built on blockchain. Trading and matchmaking are both on the chain. As long as keeping your private key safe, your assets are fully under your control, in other words, nodes, federation or operator cannot take your assets.

Public and transparent, on-chain trackable

In MOV, all order records and deal records are on the blockchain, transparent and immutable. Even though you use centralized node service, transactions of your assets are still traceable on the blockchain.


Transaction is trading, lightning speed

MOV proposes the concept that transaction is trading. Trading is simply initiating an on-chain transaction in the wallet, which is easy for users. Based on the sidechain Vapor, in MOV every block is produced in 0.5 seconds and contains 8000 transactions so that TPS is as high as 16000. The fast speed enables users to experience lightning speed deals, same as centralized exchanges.


Exchange with one click

We also have a function, exchange with one click. Users could choose the asset to exchange without having to know the specific price. This function is designed for meeting users’ diverse exchange needs.

Cross-chain Ecosystem, value pegged

Since one single system cannot meet users’ diverse demands, MOV uses cross-chain technology and brings BTC, ETH and USDT into MOV ecosystem, improving liquidity and laying the groundwork for following multi-asset Defi application.


MOV leads the trend

It’s an obvious trend that Defi is booming and centralized exchanges are launching Dex. MOV will be launched in this March and the first step is stable finance. Defi will be MOV’s next priority.

Try Beta Tycoin

Tycoin supports payment without password and cross-chain ETH. Downloading is manual for Android. Here is the instruction:

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