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MotorN, The Next Web3 M2E Unicorn? NUS elites innovate to drive carbon neutrality

Web 3.0 is reshaping people’s way of life, rewriting the narrative logic of business development, and changing how society and community are governed. Web 3.0 places a larger focus on user-centricity and offers a new way to use the Internet of Value. Users are no longer just consumers or participants, but can also derive considerable immediate and long-term benefits through the development and value-added of the entire consensus network community.

Technological advances usually lead to great change, as we all know. Combining Web3.0, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptography, and many other technologies will ultimately lead to the development of global modern commerce.
Move To Earn is regarded as one of the most popular and promising tracks in Web3.0.

The Move To Earn model has begun breaking down, as a result of the popularity of the StepN project, attracting more and more attention and involvement from people outside of the crypto community. Additionally, various X To Earn projects have emerged one after another, followed by capital. MotorN is a new project of Web3 green travel track.

In contrast to StepN, which is limited to sports running, the MotorN project focuses on the need for more green carbon neutral technology around the world.

The MotorN project differs from other X To Earn initiatives in that it does not encourage players to participate in the community purely for “Earn”, but rather to be genuine green citizens as soon as possible, so through practical actions, we can join forces to show care for our planet, which is facing severe climate change.


MotorN project background and mission vision

MotorN project creators hail from NUS (National University of Singapore, top university in Asia, No. 11 in the world, member of the International University Climate Alliance), specialists in Internet technology development, business disruptive innovation research and practice, and owners of Hewlett-Packard world’s top 500. The company has many years of professional work experience on many projects in the company’s industry solutions, and the professors behind the consultant team are proficient in sorting out carbon emission reduction solutions in the industry, and are well-known all over the world.

During April to July 2021, NUS elites worked with a team of professors from the National University of Singapore to study solutions for the DBP carbon emission reduction project. Hundreds of thousands of motorbike commutes passed by, but left a pile of extremely uncomfortable exhaust, so with the encouragement and support of the professor, the creators decided to take action to try to change this bad situation, creatively It is proposed to promote people to change by designing a new business model of “Move to Earn incentive mechanism + electric vehicle + carbon economy”, and advocate people to actively use electric travel to promote carbon emission reduction, protect air quality and nature, and reduce pollution. To combat climate change, users who take action at the same time can obtain certain incentives and carbon asset rewards through the change. Therefore, the highly anticipated Web3.0 green travel MotorN project was born.

The mission and vision of MotorN are to promote the sustainable and healthy development of humanity through the transformation of global carbon-neutral green travel.

Web3.0 upstart, MotorN has unlimited possibilities

MOTORN is a brand new Web3.0 Move to Earn green travel lifestyle APP with Game-Fi and Social-Fi dual elements, that is developed mainly for green travellers (daily commuting and leisure activities) around the world ) NFT enthusiasts, professional gamers and Web3.0 investors. It aims to encourage people to get close to nature, protect air quality and nature, and reduce pollution through games, socializing and promoting a healthy lifestyle of green travel. Fight climate change and promote carbon neutrality.
This is a brand new chain game that perfectly combines virtual and reality. In order to promote people to pay attention to carbon emission reduction from practical actions, protect the atmosphere and nature, reduce pollution, and encourage players to actively put them into practice, by driving or riding various electric vehicles Green travel of means of transportation, while allowing the majority of mobile users to obtain incentives and carbon credit asset rewards, as well as immediate benefits and considerable medium and long-term benefits from the development and value-added of the entire network community.

The first stage of MotorN: Players will start the journey of Web3.0 exploring freedom by configuring E-Motor NFT. The Genesis NFT will be issued on the Ethereum main network, and the Utility NFT will be issued on the Binance Smart Chain. Players can interact with experience. Receive incentives and carbon credit asset remuneration through extensive rides or competitions;
MotorN Phase II: Players will configure the new Utility NFT series (including but not limited to: E-Motor, E-Bike, EV, E-Scooter license plates and various peripheral equipment, co-branded products, etc.) and receive corresponding physical trams for free as well as various peripheral equipment and co-branded products, through the built-in on-board chip device and the APP Bluetooth link to the corresponding model, the riding mileage and speed are calculated, so as to obtain more incentives and carbon credit asset rewards.

The third stage of MotorN: Launching Social-Fi, through extensive cooperation and holding related activities and competitions around the world, it will more quickly influence people from all walks of life in the world to participate in the community, and take action to embrace green travel and participate in the carbon neutral movement, thereby Promote the long-term and healthy development of the entire community ecology, and also promote users to obtain more incentives and carbon credit asset rewards.

MotorN is carrying out subversive innovation on the business model combining Web3.0 Move to Earn + real economy, aiming to become the most influential changer of Web3.0 + global green travel track in the next ten years.


Why is MotorN optimistic about the Web3.0 green travel track?

1. Fun

Driving and riding, enjoying the freedom of speed and passion and chasing the wind, is a very interesting thing in itself for many people. With a lot of fun, most people will be actively involved in riding. While riding green, players not only exercised their bodies, got close to nature, promote carbon reduction, but also gained considerable returns. MotorN will not only effectively motivate the majority of players to adopt green travel (including but not limited to two-wheel and four-wheel), but also has a positive effect on the new energy lithium battery market, as well as promoting global attention for early adoption of carbon neutrality.

MotorN is a classic, community-driven Web3 project that truly promotes carbon neutrality on the planet and has continuous real asset support.


2. Just need for commuting + carbon neutrality

Why has carbon peaking and carbon neutrality become high-frequency buzzwords in government work reports around the world in recent years? From 2019 to the present, the entire global environment has undergone a sudden change. What have we experienced? And what about the new industries that are emerging in the midst of this upheaval?

More than 130 countries and regions in the world have proposed carbon neutrality goals. Green, low-carbon and sustainable development have become an international consensus. When blockchain technology is applied to clean energy and travel, what new surprises can we expect? The introduction of financial models such as Game-Fi and Social-Fi is bound to trigger a wave of “carbon reduction to Earn”.

During the decades when fuel vehicles ruled the world, carbon dioxide emissions have increased year by year. Among them, fuel motorcycles contribute about 32.6% of carbon monoxide emissions in the current travel field, second only to small passenger cars and heavy goods vehicles. At present, there are more than 500 million fuel motorcycles in the global market, and the annual increase of 55 million is maintained.


Currently, more than 250 million electric two-wheelers are used globally every day. From fuel to electricity, green and environmental protection is a major trend. Countries have introduced subsidy policies and carbon credit policies to lower the threshold for purchasing short-distance travel vehicles. France subsidizes up to 500 euros for citizens who buy ebikes; Italy subsidizes up to 500 euros for citizens who buy bicycles and scooters; the German government subsidizes up to 1,000 euros for “electric bicycle vans” and 500 euros for electric bicycles; the Swedish government provides subsidies for each vehicle sold. The power-assisted electric bicycles produced provide a subsidy of 25% of the price, up to 1,000 euros and so on.

As the most important means of transportation in modern society, more than 1 billion vehicles are used every day in the world.

The distribution of the top ten car ownership in the world: China is about 282 million, the United States is about 271 million, Japan is about 78 million, Russia is 53 million, Germany is about 52 million, Brazil is about 46 million, France is about 45 million, Italy is about 45 million About 45 million, about 40 million in the UK, and about 40 million in Mexico.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) expects the world to pass another major milestone in electric vehicle adoption: 20 million electric vehicles (both pure and hybrid) will be on the road globally in June 2022, compared to 2016 1 million vehicles a year, which is a significant increase. In the second half of 2022, nearly 1 million electric vehicles will be added around the world almost every month, roughly every 3 seconds. By the end of 2022, BNEF expects more than 26 million electric vehicles to be on the road worldwide.


About Carbon Neutrality:

Carbon neutrality refers to the total amount of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly generated by a country, enterprise, product, activity or individual within a certain period of time, through afforestation, energy saving and emission reduction, etc., to offset the carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas generated by itself. Emissions, to achieve positive and negative offset, to achieve relatively “zero emissions.”

Global warming is the consequence of human actions causing changes in the Earth’s climate. “Carbon” refers to natural resources composed of carbon elements such as oil, coal, and wood. “Carbon” consumes more, and the culprit “carbon dioxide” that causes global warming also produces more. With human activities, global warming is also changing (affecting) people’s way of life, bringing more and more problems.

In 2002, an ice shelf covering an area of 3,250 square kilometers in Antarctica fell off and melted away within 35 days; and according to the latest data from NASA, Greenland melts an average of 221 cubic kilometers of ice sheet every year. twice the amount.


Enable whitelist

MotorN officially plans to release the genesis MotorNFT on the Ethereum mainnet at 8:00 pm (Singapore time) on June 18, 2022 (only 500 100-list users are open). After the launch, the Genesis MotorNFT will be sold on the APP, official website ( and Opensea at the same time, with a total limit of 10,000.

MotorN is opening a limited whitelist of 500 Genesis MotorNFTs around the world, and one address on the whitelist can mint 5 Genesis NFTs at most; whitelist activities mainly include Discord, Twitter sweepstakes, community and KOL cooperation activities, and cooperative community AMA activities.

Warmly welcome green travel enthusiasts around the world to become the first batch of limited whitelisted users of MotorN, enjoy speed and passion and the freedom of chasing the wind, and at the same time create, build, govern and share the world’s largest green travel Web3.0 community in the future group!


Latest news

MotorN founders Girish and David Hee confirmed their invitation to participate in the GWEI2022 First Global Web3 Ecological Innovation Summit co-hosted by the Way of DeFi and SUSS. The summit time is: July 14, 2022, and the venue is: Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to come to the scene to communicate and discuss!

At last

If every user participates in MotorN’s “Move to Earn incentive mechanism + electric vehicle + carbon economy” project ecology, if all of them have a positive impact, it will inevitably form a wide circle breaking effect, and at the same time have a strong exogenous entity With the continuous physical asset support of the economy and the continuous drive of the Web3.0 community, the sustainable and healthy development of the ecology can be promoted, and community value and user value can be continuously generated.

MotorN with many world-class outlets is indeed exciting! It is only a matter of time before it is believed to be popular all over the world!

The Web3.0 era is expected to usher in the birth of a super unicorn and a phenomenal super application! Let’s wait and see!

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