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According to statistics on digital asset wallet users, there are currently more than 30 million people in the world participating in this revolution.

In the United States, Silicon Valley, Japan and South Korea, and Europe, more and more mainstream organizations are participating in the process, and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has acknowledged at the conference a few days ago that the financial revolution brought about by Bitcoin is irreversible.

What is the entrance to the blockchain era? What is the most popular flow? Is it an exchange? Public chain? wallet? Super DApp? Payment instrument?

The battle of entry in the blockchain era: Who controls the wallet, who controls the strategic resources

The so-called wallet is a battleground

The real entrance is generally the basic application or protocol in high frequency scenarios that everyone can’t live without. From the current point of view, What is the most common use of common blockchain users? Exchanges, wallets, and some blockchain applications, such as encrypted cats, etc., are there anything else? At present it is not yet seen. The most frequently used by the user is to send and receive tokens through the wallet and trade tokens on the exchange.

The significance of the wallet is that it can have thousands of tokens. As more and more users participate in projects, whether they invest in projects or participate in projects, it will eventually involve asset management.

Since the essence of blockchain is value network, it is about value transmission. Wallet is often the place where value starts, and it is also the place where you live. It is the infrastructure and important entrance to the entire blockchain era.

This determines that in the blockchain era, wallets play a decisive role. With the proliferation of blockchain users from millions of people to tens of millions, the competition for this strategic resource for wallets will enter a period of enthusiasm.

Who can win the entry battle in the blockchain era in the future? There are some pioneers in the current purse, but the development of the entire blockchain is still at an early stage. The battle for the blockchain purse has just begun. It is expected that more top talents in the industry will join the melee in the future.


In addition, due to the relative lag in the process of assetization of digital currency, many people’s transactions are mostly due to the need for turnover of cash flow, and the only way to obtain funds for digital currency is to sell cash, which makes the market environment changes huge, the risk has risen sharply.

The process of capitalization of digital currency is overwhelming. Only digital currencies have real financial attributes of fixed assets. Only when they are accepted by the wider population can they realize their true means of circulation and they can go further in the field of storage and preservation.

In this context, the digital currency loan platform Goldbox emerged and is dedicated to reshaping the future of digital finance!


A large number of digital assets slept in their wallets and the value of digital assets was not really discovered. Goldbox  is  going to wake up.

Over time, the total market value of users and digital assets holding digital assets continues to increase rapidly, but there are too few professional talents to grasp the market fluctuations and trends of digital assets. Who can help users to solve the problem that digital asset appreciation?  Goldbox is going to add value for you.

Goldbox is committed to becoming a “mortgaged loan bank” in the field of virtual currency, and each gold box member can generate its own value. It can also manage wealth management through digital assets and promote the prosperity and development of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

The core theme of Goldbox is to give intangible digital assets the same status as real estate, and to increase the user’s asset utilization rate and provide the assets under relatively safe and personal privacy protection, stable and substantial interest income.

Goldbox is committed to becoming a “mortgage lending bank” in the field of virtual currency and promotes the prosperity of the entire virtual currency ecosystem. Compared to competing products, Gold Box has many advantages.

One of Goldbox’s important missions is to improve the financial attributes of digital assets and improve their financing capabilities.

The Goldbox target market is to serve global financial players (both digital currency and non-digital currency players can participate).

It aims to provide decentralized smart contract and loan solutions for financial professionals interested in investing globally.

Digital assets can be used to pay for applications in the future. How do you pay and use exchanges? Information software? Only the integrated wallet is the best payment tool Goldbox will reach every corner of the globe. Digital Assets Mortgage Loan Platform, gets angels investment from Jack Song  and servers as consultant of GoldBox Project , Jack song has 10 years VC experience. Has invested in love number software, Banyan Tree big data, point me, Xiangcun black pig, nine drag cold chain, Xiaoming cycling and other projects. Deeply aware of the business model of the capital market, he has rich experience in corporate management, traditional industries and private equity funds and capital markets, and has a forward-looking perspective and creative thinking on unicorn projects.

At the same time, GoldBox obtains  Angel Investment from H-net trading platform and served as consultant of GoldBox project. HashToken Digital Exchange is the world’s top 30 professional intelligent digital asset trading platform, established in the Caribbean World Blockchain Financial Center, dedicated to creating  Nasdaq in the blockchain world!

As well as obtains Angels Investment from the industry’s top decentralization platform, Dr. Tomi.Xue  who serves as advisor of the GoldBox project. Dr. Tomi.Xue is the chief executive officer of EtherFlyer’s flight exchange.

He graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology and has extensive expertise in mathematical encryption, computer science, and finance/investment technology economics. Proficient in the blockchain business, mastered the latest trends and developments in the mainstream blockchain and various industry alliance chains, and has extensive experience in the field of financial applications’ landing. Three angel investors and advisors invested millions of dollars.

Goldbox can provide convenient services for coin holders on the basis of not selling digital assets and improve their asset utilization. At the same time, it can provide stable and substantial interest income for more investors on the premise that funds are relatively safe and personal privacy is extremely secretive. Finally, through the use of Goldbox-based smart contracts to implement peer-to-peer Pratt & Whitney digital finance, the technology of the blockchain will serve the public and investors.


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