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Mobile Wallet Bitkan Launches Bitcoin Cash OTC Trading Service

Bitcoin-focused data and trading services provider Bitkan has officially announced the launch of BCC OTC trade. The new OTC service allows Bitkan app users to trade BCC outside the online exchanges at competitive prices.

When BCC appeared earlier this month, founder of ViaBTC Yang Haibo stated that they were not going to give BCC a Chinese name and a logo. This was used to confirm a conspiracy theory that BCC is trying to steal the brand of BTC. In the Chinese community, some call the new coin Bitmain Coin and some a fake forked coin. Foreign bitcoin holders also have a hard time defining it. You see names like BCH and Bcash on reddit, twitter and news on Bitcoin Magazine and other social media sites.

But at Bitkan, they believe that BCC is an official hard-forked coin of Bitcoin that promises a great future.

“BCC users are largely BTC users. And Okcoin and Huobi have opened BCC deposit and withdrawal services, which suggests that BCC could gain more momentum soon.”

In addtion, Bitkan adds that they feel more confident to see an increasing number of miners are switching to BCC. According to ViaBTC, hashrate of BCC now takes up about 90 percent of that of BTC.

However, Kevin, former CEO of BTC. COM doubts that BCC could end up increasing transaction fees to attract miners when mining profits get lower. He worries that the total number of BCC might even get reduced by half as early as in 2018. Furthermore, as BCC adopts Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) that has made the BCC chain unstable. For example, there has been questions about why Antpool had mined empty blocks.

Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan explained that:

BCC/BTC mining together caused lots of error in the mining pools and empty block is a fall back security measure. It is solved now.

Roger Ver also expressed his concern about EDA in a public debate with Richard Heart.  (PS: you could skip to 46:00)

“Bitcoin Cash changed the underlying economic code of Bitcoin with their emergency difficulty adjustment thing that i definitely have some concerns about myself. “

What do you think of BCC? Does it have a future?



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