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Missed the First Batch of Bitmain’s Antminer B3? No Worries, the Second Batch is Coming!

The Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain rolled out its Antminer B3 on April 25. It is a new Antminer specifically for mining Bytom (BTM). While it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first batch of 2,500 miners were sold out within seconds.

The second batch will be released in early May and start shipping in late May, disclosed by the head of sales for Antminer B3 on a live show.副本

According to the token distribution mechanism, the first block would be mined by the Bytom team and 33% of Bytom is reserved for mining rewards out of a total amount of 693 million.

The miner used for mining BTM must be equipped with AI ASIC accelerating chips. The Antminer B3 is prices at 17,000 yuan ($2,453 USD). According to the current price of Bytom and the distribution of the total computing power on the network, the daily profit made by an Antminer B3 would come up to 322 yuan ($51 USD).

In order to build a better environment for Bytom ecosystem, Bytom team decide to give a portion of BTM as a reward to groups or individuals that has significantly contributed to the community.

Bytom team also disclosed the idea of an AI-friendly Tensority consensus algorithm based on the tensor calculation. By adopting the Matrix mechanism as the fundamental component of AI deep learning, Bytom redesigned the PoW consensus mechanism which enables Artificial Intelligence to make full use of Bytom’s mining equipment.

According to current development process, Bytom team would launch a blockchain-powered browser in May. Duan Xinxing, CEO of Bytom stated that, Bytom’s positioning is a dedicated public-chain protocol for the asset realm to bridge byte assets with “atomic assets”.

Unlike other interoperability projects which aim only to bring specific off-chain assets onto the blockchain, Bytom has set up a goal of facilitating cross-chain atomic assets interaction. Although the proceeding is fraught with risks and difficulties, Bytom team has confidence in implementing their goal step by step.

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