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Micree Zhan Withdrew from Bitmain’s AI Subsidiary, Things after Jihan Wu Took over the Leadership

After being removed from the position executive director of Bitmain’s AI subsidiary, Micree Zhan now withdraws from the position of the manager of the company. At present, there are still over 30 companies registered in the name of Micree Zhan, 6 of which are located in Fujian province, and they are expected to be terminated in succession.


Miner and AI are two core business of Bitmain. For the business of miner, Jihan Wu no longer insists on the principle of giving priority to the technical indicators required by Micree Zhan, but inclines to cost-effective performance. In 2019, Whatsminer captured a large market due to its cost-effective performance. Employees in Bitmain were dissatisfied with the over pricing of Antminer. Facing the pressure of bitcoin halving in 2020, how to regain market share from Whatsminer should be Jihan Wu’s top priority.

Jihan Wu entrusted AI department to the head of government relations and a senior developer, Jihan Wu participated in the weekly meeting of AI business personally. AI department is the base camp of Micree Zhan with a large number of employees from Huawei, a China’s telecoms giant. Wu Jihan stressed many times at the staff meeting that he was the first to propose AI business and recognized its value.

That apparently did not go so well as Bitmain lost $ 625 million in the first two months of 2019 prior to a planned IPO in the United States. With this IPO, Bitmain hoped to raise 1.5 billion dollars with a valuation of between 13 and 15 billion dollars. Bitmain will now do what they are good at, and that is to facilitate the cryptomarket.

So far, there is no action to reduce the staff of AI department as Wu requires AI business to develop steadily. As for Bitmain’s IPO, the AI business can increase the imagination space of investors, which is one of the reasons why Wu insists on it.

However, some insiders pointed out that Bitmain invested a lot in AI business under the leadership of Micree Zhan compared with Canaan’s less investment. The next generation of Bitmain’s AI chip bm1686 will cost a lot to buy IP and TapeOut. The blueprint of cloud chip will require a lot of investment in the early stage. It is not known how long Jianhan Wu will tolerate this situation.

After Wu regained the control of Bitmain, he sent an email to replace the HR Director. The former HRD comes from Huawei and 360, who brings a large number of trusted follows from Huawei and 360 distributed in all departments of the company. At present, Wu fired those followers distributed in human resources, miner sales, cloud computing departments.

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