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Micree Zhan Prohibited Miner Delivery, Bitmain Trapped in Serious In-fighting Once Again

Recently previously ousted co-founder Micree Zhan controlled the Shenzhen miner delivery factory and prohibited employees from normal delivery to paid customers after returning to Bitmain.

Bitmain then issued an internal letter indicating it was solving the problem by legal approach. According to a letter to all employees issued by Bitmain on June 9, in addition to reiterating the previous decision of ousting Micree Zhan is still valid, it is also mentioned that changing the company’s management is a prudent choice for shareholders after long-term consideration.

On June 10, Micree Zhan issued a post by official media account of the Bitmain to emphasize that the official seal had been changed. Previously, the official account has long been a voice channel for Wu Jihan.

This may mean that Micree Zhan has gradually occupied the territory of Wu Jihan. On the evening of October 10, the new HR appointed by Micree Zhan released a series of personnel appointment and removal messages involving senior personnel of Wu Jihan’s department, including Liu Luyao, CFO, Wang Wenguang , head of mining center.

Since Micree Zhan issued an open letter, at present, one-third of the employees have gone back to answer Micree’s call, mainly the employees of the AI business. Through hindering the delivery of new miners, it is also the counterattack of Micree Zhan against the miner sales departments led by Wu Jihan.

Up to now, the bargaining chips in Micree’s hands are Beijing Bitmian’s business license, official seal and official media account. While Wu Jihan owns the payment for some new mining machines, the control right of Bitmain overseas companies (Cayman, Singapore, Hong Kong), and the control right of Bitmain overseas company holding company.

As for the impact of the detention of the new mining machine, some miners said that the delay of the appearance of the new Antminer would affect the difficulty of computing power growth. On the other hand, a number of miners have said that due to the bitcoin market, it is not a good time to buy a new miner.

“If the price of bitcoin skyrocketed, Antminer would be useless. The surge in network hashrate will bring prosperity to the mining machine market, just like in 2017 and 2018. For the miners who ordered Bitmain’s machines have been delayed, this is another overdraft of Bitmain’s reputation.”

Micree Zhan on Jun 5 led a team of guards “break into” Bitmain’s Beijing office to claim his return and promising he’ll “lead the company to realize an initial public offering as soon as possible and pushing Bitmain’s market cap to over $50 billion in the next three to five years”, according to 8btc’s previous report.

” Coupons are used to buy Bitmain products, but now I have lost confidence in buying Bitmain’s miner. ”

Said Shi Pu, a miner buyer was angry and aggrieved. In the past, Bitmain will give away coupons after delayed delivery, but now some buyers are disappointed.


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