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Magic Oranges Hoping to Adopt Blockchain Tech in Mobile Gaming

Note: Magic Oranges is a rising mobile game publisher in China. It is dedicated to helping small and medium sized game developers gain a competitive advantage in the mobile gaming industry. It has teamed to accelerate the application of blockchain tech in mobile gaming.


China, home to 600 million mobile games players, represents one of the largest and fastest growing gaming markets around the world. More mobile gaming companies are wishing to get a piece of the action. In reality, however, small-and-medium sized companies and content providers have always been underdogs in competing with Tencent Games, Qihoo 360 and other leading game developers.

Magic Oranges is working to chance the landscape by establishing a blockchain-based game platform for the digital distribution.

Theoretically, a tailor-made SDK will be provided to each and every game company and data about registration, account activation, spending behavior and other relevant info will be recorded on blockchain that cannot be altered retroactively.

“Unlike traditional platforms, we are able to bring hosts, cyberstars and presidents of the gaming community together,” said Chen Mintao, CEO of Magic Oranges.

The project has gained support from Chainbase Accelerator of Wanxiang Group to speed up its launching.





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