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Lies, Misinformation as Bitcoin Cash Nov. 15 Fork Nears

What to believe is becoming increasingly difficult for several Bitcoin Cash (BCH) users as the network’s top players send out confusing messages ahead of the proposed Nov. 15 hard fork. Forks are good to battle-test different ideas but unchecked allegations are deepening the BCH crisis. The varying information being spread in all quarters would hinder the network’s growth if not resolved on time.

There are claims that the Bitcoin ABC side which supports Amaury Séchet’s implementation that wants to add incompatible changes to transaction ordering is controlled by Jihan Wu’s Bitmain. Wu alleges that Coingeek, which supports Bitcoin SV that wants to remove blocksize limits, is controlled by Calvin Ayre and nChain’s Craig Wright. The competition now centres on which attracts the most hashing power.

There is also Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) whose integrated Nakamoto Consensus voting system reportedly bypasses the wranglings between the ABC and SV teams. The system is noted to restore devs as technical experts leaving miners to decide what rules work for them in the interest of BCH. It points to a probable communication issue among the ABC and SV parties as little details seem to make the difference with their propositions.

While BU is credited for fixing the first most important bottleneck to increase blocksize for now, ABC is proposing to fix the hardest issue that will emerge later when it will be near impossible. ABC is thinking long-term and the need to make the fixes now before they are harder. Their Canonical Transaction Order (CTOR) proposition is a change to the consensus rules about how miners store/transmit transactions and order them in a block.

They argue that the order data is currently more than transaction data after blocks are compressed. With CTOR, miners won’t need to communicate the order data because everyone already knows how the order of transactions is determined. Opposers mantain a main counter argument that CTOR won’t make any great improvement to block propagation until there is more adoption hence the need to wait till then. The ABC is adamant to go ahead because they think there is a perceived general belief that BCH will switch to CTOR at some point hence the need to make the move now when it is cheaper.

A major exchange, Poloniex, has expressed support for the upcoming hard fork with a schedule to pause deposits and withdrawals until the network stabilizes. Wright has since unfollowed BCH’s Roger Ver over ensuing disagreements while a former OKEx and OKCoin executive, Jack Liu, has indicated his support for Bitcoin SV.

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