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LeTV launch One-chain Box along with tokens

11 July, Lerong Zhixin Electronic Technology (Tianjin) roll out the smart hardware “One-chain Box” along with OC tokens. According to the management team, Lerong is tightly connected with LeTV (300104.SZ). The product is considered the official attempt of LeTV to enter into blockchain. Lerong is partnering One-chain Technology to launch the “One-chain Box”. In the future, the two parties is expected to expand cooperation in advertisement, membership, on-demand video.

It is reported that through the “One-chain box”, users can share the idle bandwidth to the community through this hardware and users are rewarded with One chain Token as an incentive. According to the issuer, OC will be connected with multiple resources like bandwidth sharing, home video entertainment interconnection, and smart security based on blockchain technology. The total supply of OC coins is capped at 1.8 billion.

According to One-chain, in the field of OTT (Over The Top), the smart box has 60 million users. By viewing the video content for free, users can earn a tokens through “One-chain box” as a cut-in. Through contributing idle bandwidth and storage space, users can cash them out.

However, it’s hard to say whether such cooperation would bring substantial change to the performance of both companies. In a number of e-commerce platforms, “One-chain box” has been launched but the pre-sale was not yet started. This smart hardware is priced at 599 yuan, and the future sales will affect the long-term development of this cooperation to some extent.
Previously, Xunlei has released similar product to boost the company’s performance and has gained expected results. But it’s hard to say the old trick would still be working in the market.

However, Lerong is still entrusted with hope to revitalize LeTV. It is reported that the primary task of LeTV’s management this year is to restore the service capabilities and content advantages for LeTV users.

It is worth noting that after the new cooperation with Lerong, One-chain will also cooperate with Lechuang Entertainment in the celebrity tokens, film promotion and fundraising etc. At the same time, it also includes cooperation with Lewei Finance in the financial blockchain.


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