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Lenovo and S.F. Express Bid $76400 A Year for A Blockchain Talent in China

As blockchain becomes one of the most popular fintech, the blockchain job market is booming. A lot of growing demand for blockchain talent comes form internet and tech giants. According to published employment information from Laogou, a famous Chinese recruitment websites, Chinese old-name technology giant Lenovo is also marched towards this field.dnHaSQAAakBLFfAE

Lenovo’s social recruitment shows they are mainly looking out for senior blockchain developers and technology experts. According to the job descriptions, Lenovo is hunting for blockchain talents with computer, information management related major, bachelor degree or above and have some blockchain project developing experiments. They should also skilled with at least one of the HyperLedger Fabric, Chain and Ethereum blockchain frameworks. Lenovo also gives priority to those experts with active participation in blockchain developing communities and has contributed great source code.


The job duties include designing the blockchain framework, leading design of the entire system includes data modal, core business processes and so on. The blockchain experts also will be in charge of coding the core code, underlying optimization and solving performance problems during the actual running.

However, the most interesting thing in the job description is that, Lenovo pointed out that blockchain talents will be formed into a ‘new team’ and the job development prospect is bright. Building up a new team can be a clue of lauching to new projects. As global technology giant IBM has already put much effort into blockchain area and launched lots of projects based on this new technology, no wonder Lenovo wants to follow big brother’s steps and do some research in this area.

Blockchain is not only popular in technology industry, but also hot for logistics industry. S.F. Express, the logistics giant of China, also posted its recruitment advertisement in order to attract talent.微信图片_20180131184022

The job description for blockchain experts looks similar with Lenovo’s with just slightly different. S.F. Express also want talent with experiences of bitcoin open source blockchain projects and familiar with distributed consensus or consensus algorithm (e.g. PoW, PBFT, PoS, DPos, RPCA, Raft etc.). People familiar with database skilled in MySql, MongoDB, Redis are also wanted. They also welcomes experts in cryptology and security protocol area. For job duties, blockchain talent in S.F. Express will focus on the design and development of blockchian projects base on the supply chain field. The monthly salary is up to 40,000 yuan.

In addition, other than these two industry giants, many other Chinese leading enterprises are also looking for blockchain talent. Meitu, Tencent, MI, HNA Group, Sunning Commerce Group and Alibaba Group, they all join in the war for blockchain talent and that’s why we say 2018 is a year of blockchian.  微信图片_20180131184015

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