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Leading Crypto Exchange Huobi Launches its Own Social Networking Platform

September 26, Huobi, the world’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume, launches its own social networking platform named Huobi Chat.

According to its official website, Huobi Chat is built on the advantages of Huobi Group’s social networks and its global crypto exchange business. It is based on a new business model of “socializing is mining”, using the blockchain encryption technologies and consensus mechanism to connect consumers, investors and project teams.

The Huobi Chat has also contains several advanced functions, including the chain-split groups, IM Open Platform, token red packets and the Huobi Chat Token (HCT). Those functions support Instant Messaging, communities, sharing, barters, payment, market information, news, game, and entertainment services.

For instance, the chain-split groups enables the founding groups to create unlimited subgroups and synchronize the information; the IM platform powers a complete set of develop system for the third-party developers which builds a healthy global ecosystem for the community; the token red packets supports the digital asset circulation and token exchanges within the ecosystem of Huobi Chat; the HCT, is the token of Huobi Chat, it is an incentive tool to promote the development of the its ecosystem and community.

According to Huobi Chat, the free communication, secure transaction, fair incentivation, as well as the industry-wide communication and interconnection will be its core competence in the future.微信截图_20180927013006

As of the press time, 1,257 invited users have registered in Huobi Chat. If the product description is accurate, a social network platform with no cap group, multi-language translation and privacy guarantee may attract massive crypto and blockchain lovers in the near future. There is no doubt that, the Huobi Chat will makes Huobi ecosystem more mature.

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