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LBank Brings the Web3 Energy to Kolkata With Its Global Crypto Tour

LBank delivers on its promise to educate, incubate, fund and build an outstanding cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Through its ongoing roadshow, called “the LBank show,” the trading platform has managed to successfully penetrate into the prominent cities of India.


Following its path-breaking educational meetups in Delhi, the leading exchange headed to the cultural capital of India — Kolkata, on July 23, 2022, for an astounding Web3 and crypto event.


The meetup provided a chance for people to get exposed to the blockchain & crypto world. It was a great experience for many of the participants as they felt it was indeed “the first crypto Indian show that put users at the core.”


The glamorous occasion, which was co-organised by Encryptus, DesiCrypto, yMedia and NG Exhale, was attended by well-meaning crypto educators, analysts, enthusiasts, founders and people building in the Web3 space.


One of LBank’s team, Shantnoo Saxsena took the lead, alongside Vaibhav Gupta, the Founder of DesiCrypto, in the discussions on Web3, the Metaverse and the reason behind the top crypto exchange’s interest in the emerging crypto hub.


During his speech, Shantnoo encouraged developers to “keep building and be a sustainable project, ready for both bear and bull markets in order to get rid of the term “Crypto Winter.” 


He also declared that events like this are very important because “education and sharing are the only ways to grow digital assets adoption.”


In a series of tweets, several attendees acknowledged LBank India and its organising partners for their efforts in inspiring talks to boost the startup ecosystem in Kolkata. 


Meanwhile, LBank will continue with its roadshow in Pune and Mumbai on 28th and 29th of July, respectively. 


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About the LBank Show

LBank is on a mission to educate people about blockchain and crypto technology. The LBank Show is a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency roadshow that will take place in four cities in India. The event aims to change mindsets in India toward digital assets and show them how the blockchain space can make the world a better place.


The tour commenced with Delhi and will continue to other cities, such as Kolkata on the 23rd July, 2022 and Pune, on the 28th. The last lap of the tour will be on July 29th, 2022, in Mumbai.  


The LBank Show is an excellent opportunity for people to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as well as get information about the latest trends in this industry.


About LBank Exchange


LBank Exchange, founded in 2015, is an innovative global trading platform for various crypto assets. LBank Exchange provides its users safe crypto trading, specialised financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. It has become one of the most popular and trusted crypto trading platforms with over 7 million users from more than 210 regions around the world.


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