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Latest Analysis Report of Cryptocurrency Industry (FH 2018)

2017, to the cryptocurrency industry, has been so far the most influential year and to a large share of the investors, this market continues to benefit from its haven status, and they expect more than just home- brand food, but “superior-quality milk and bread ” from this sanctuary. To hit the expectations of these investors in cryptocurrency industry, there is an increasing demand of reliable evaluation of cryptocurrency and inspiring forecasts of trend.

DAS (Decentralized Assessment System) is a decentralized digital asset analysis engine powered by AI technology, as a benchmark of auto rating in the digital currency industry, is similar to the rating of top three credit rating systems(S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch Group) of traditional financial industry. Instead of benchmarking against any institution of individual, DAS inherits the merits of existing advanced evaluations and rating systems from every dimension. It aims to keep the preciseness, objectiveness of analysis and multi-dimensional, systematic evaluating mindset and applies them to digital currency rating, combining with AI system, decentralization technology, hashing power, data and sharing of algorithm, navigates all the users to involve in the evaluating system, delivers output as systematic, structured data analysis, then after the process of DAS Brain presents the rating and analysis of digital currency by every perspective.

In this report, DAS evaluated more than 2000 cryptocurrencies in its own database,by trade pairs and exchanges, monitored their activities, and delivered this report basing on these fundamental data. All the data are dated by 30 June 2018.


  • Traditional projects and cryptocurrency projects roadmaps
  • Financing trend of blockchain projects in 2017/8
  •  Current change of capitalization of cryptocurrency
  • Current governmental support of cryptocurrency
  • ICO projects
  • Performance of Bitcoin community in FH 2018
  • Projects monitored by DAS in FH 2018
  • Falls of new cryptocurrency in FH 2018
  • Top 20 cryptocurrency projects by price movement
  • Top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges by daily turnover and trade pairs
  • Behind the numbers: popular averages of cryptocurrency market
  • Current performance of mainstream cryptocurrencies by category
  • Eco of cryptocurrency market

1. Pathways of traditional projects and Cryptocurrency projects

1534385138(1)Basing on the current pathways, what differentiates the blockchain cryptocurrency projects and traditional projects are the faster pace of securitization, the availability of ICO, which boosts the circulation value. Meanwhile, to finalize IPO or M&A in traditional security market, the traditional projects requires several rounds of financing, longer time frames, which is 3-5 years minimum.

2.Financing of blockchain projects in 2017/8

1534385315(1)According to the financing activities of year 2017/18, ICO has gradually recognized as the first option in the market regarding to the source of financing. In Q3 2017, for the first time, total amount of fund raised through ICO outweighs fund raised through traditional VC channel.

3. Current change of capitalization of cryptocurrency market

Unit: Billion USD


The total market value of cryptocurrency hit the top after a serial of soaring up trends in the early of 2017, reaching the historically highest point $8billion. Followed by a jump shortly, stabilizing at $4billion, the total market value dropped later in the same year, maintaining above $2billion line.

4. Current governmental support of cryptocurrency

图片2(Support from countries around the world, darker colour strands for stronger support, vice versa)


The map above demonstrates that in west Europe (European Union),Oceania,scattered areas in Americas, the government provides more solid support compared with government in Asia and Africa areas. As to the Chinese cryptocurrency projects, to meet the compliance requirements under strict regulation, it is unavoidable to go across the border, in which case, these projects have no choice but transfer their market internationally.

5.Evolution of national central bank support to cryptocurrency industry worldwide

图片36. Google searching index (FH 2018)

图片4As Google searching index shows, the heat of global cryptocurrency cools down after 2018. The most popular currency are Bitcoin, EOS, XRP and ETH, which are also the currencies hold the most of capitalization of cryptocurrency market. Especially, EOS unquestionable becomes the biggest winner by the amount of financed through IPO, more precisely, the figure exceeds 400 million USD.

7.Tracking the projects financed through ICO

图片5ICO has been the major financing source for current cryptocurrency projects, with the inherent marketing features, it heats up the project as well, for the reasons combined above, most of projects chose ICO as funding source. Spreading the global map, the most active places scattered in west Europe and Americas, projects in Asia-pacific areas chose to find their market overseas under the strict regulation relating to ICO regulated by federal and local government. The results are more tempting in the countries where with ICO-friendly policies. After tracking down the projects financed through ICO, we see a geographic change of recent financing projects, in Asia-Pacific, expect for some areas in Japan, Korea and some southeast Asian countries, investors doesn’t show much interests and size of the fund raised confirms it.

Historically, 400 million stands out in the cryptocurrency market, highlights the good performance of the ICO of EOS. After the heat it brings to the market, we expect there is a swing back, but in general, the whole market constantly grows.

In the future, we expect the figure of number of project financed through ICO continues climbing, and it will integrate larger amount of capital to this market. Hopefully, investors and industry insiders will be able to make the right turn basing on technical insights and market trends and make more precise and efficient investment.

8. Bitcoin community performance by age of participants (FH2018)

图片6As the father of popularized digital currency, the pathway and the community involvement of Bitcoin sets a role model for the other cryptocurrencies. The distribution of community participants by age illustrates that the participants aged between 25 and 44 outweighs other age groups, with an outstanding figure 65%, however the participants those who are older than 45 accounts for less than 20% of the population.

9. Bitcoin community performance by gender (FH2018)


Not surprisingly, male holds the dominating status in Bitcoin community, but the figure that almost 20% of the participants are females is still very positive. More and more female will be involved in the building of cryptocurrency ecosystem.

10. Time distribution of monitored cryptocurrency projects issuance (FH 2018)

图片8After tracking all the data from monitored almost 2000 cryptocurrency projects, we can find that, currently, more than 65% of projects are issued after 2017, 2017 and 2018 these two years dominating the launching time frame. However, the data sees a down trend as a consequence of the strengthened regulation worldwide.

11. Monitored Cryptocurrency projects by basic blockchain category(FH 2018)

图片9More than 90% of cryptocurrencies in the market chose ETH as basic blockchain, which verifies that ETH, as smart contract, has been globally applied, in which case, it is unquestionable that ETH is the leader of Blockchain 2.0 era.

12. Hardfork ratio of monitored cryptocurrency projects (FH 2018)

图片10Only 2% of the monitored projects have hard fork, and most of them are trying to avoid hard fork to free from the limitations it may come with in the future.

13. ICO projects of monitored cryptocurrencies projects(FH 2018)

图片11Most of cryptocurrencies chose ICO as their primary funding option, only 6.07% of those made other decisions for public fund raising.

14. Consensus ratio of monitored cryptocurrencies projects(FH 2018)

图片12图片13There is a variety of consensus systems of cryptocurrency, basically, they are all derivate of PoW, PoS,DPS.

15. Top 10 Monitored Cryptocurrencies by number of exchanges involved (FH 2018)

图片14The above rating is ranked by the number of exchanges that the cryptocurrency involved, and basing on which the trade pairs involved exceeds 30000. Generally, all the exchanges are currently using Bitcoin and ETH as trade pair for their basic currency.

16.Top 10 monitored cryptocurrencies by capitalization(FH 2018)

图片15Bitcoin and ETH dominate the cryptocurrency capitalization, more precisely, hold the first and second ranking respectively, and account for more than half of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization.

17. Top10 of monitored cryptocurrencies project by the Github code

图片17The performance of monitored cryptocurrencies is also one of the considerations for evaluation, and basing on the number of code submissions, Dash and Komodo outweighs Bitcoin. Digibyte, Qtum and other newly issued cryptocurrencies have high potentials, and with the development of their communities, they may become the potential competitors for Bitcoin for its dominating status.

18. Top10 monitored cryptocurrencies projects by popularity on Github

(FH 2018)

图片18On Github, BTC and ETH still hold the first and second ranking respectively regarding to the popularity. It is also impressing that EOS, which is issued less than two years tightly follows and this is largely contributed by its community and development influence.

19. Top10 of monitored cryptocurrencies by Github contributors(FH 2018)

图片19Among the mainstream cryptocurrencies, only Bitcoin can be found on the top 10 ranking on the list of Github contributor, which demonstrates the dynamics of many newly launched cryptocurrencies, and they appear to have deeper influences and potentials on the sharing of hashing power and building of community.

20. General ranking of monitored cryptocurrencies (FH 2018)

Basing on the number of exchanges involved, capitalization, Github code submissions, Github popularity, Github contributors, credits of 10 to 1 were given to DAS’s monitored cryptocurrencies projects, and total score is 50. Final results presented as below. Namely, top 5 rankings are BTC,ETH, LTC,EOS and BCH.

图片2021. Radar map of outstanding cryptocurrencies projects( FH 2018)

图片21Generally, BTC and ETH beat other cryptocurrencies in the market from the perspective of community contribution, capitalization and exchanges involved, etc. However, new cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects have been trying to bring changes to the market in which BTC and ETH are dominating, meanwhile, they are actively getting ready to trigger evolution with new application scenarios, and top end of this market are under heavy pressure from them.

22. Projects fell on ICO(FH 2018)图片22Above are the projects that fell on the ICO in FH 2018, and they are sized in the order of amount of value shrank. Bitcoin Atom value decreased to ten thousands of its issue price.

23. Top 20 of cryptocurrencies by change(FH 2018)

图片23Among the cryptocurrencies projects in FH 2018, none appears increases in value in thousandfold level, Hexx beats others in the changes in value ,followed by Dix Asset, increased by 40 and 19 times respectively. Compared with the cryptocurrencies increased hundredfold or thousandfold yoy, this year presents a soft result.

24. Top 20 of cryptocurrencies by change(FH 2018)

图片24Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by size of devaluation, we can see a average shrink that exceeds 98% of its issue price, which almost grounded these cryptocurrencies to zero. With the increase of ICO projects, increasing number of projects will have to face the same fate. For those investors unfortunately trapped in these projects ,they suffer huge cost and the lesson for them is that they should evaluate projects from more perspectives, instead of choosing project basing on their “sugar coat”.

25. Top 20 of exchanges by trading pairs

图片25As bar charts shown above, HitBTC beats other exchanges with the most dynamic trade pairs, topping the ranking with 761. Among the exchanges on top list of the ranking, a variety of cryptocurrencies is involved, which pushes the difficulty of safeguarding the online asset to another level and puts investors at stake.

26. Popular projects invested by exchanges

图片26Above chart illustrates that Huobi.Pro has the most diversified projects, and there is still long way to go for OKEX and Binance for building their investment portfolio, which is promising . Binance has set up Binance Lab for incubation and investment of projects, and there is a foreseeably trend that more and more exchanges will transfer part of their attention to actively devoted to the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

27.Behind the number. 1cryptocurrencies average turnover rate图片28Currently the average turnover rate is 4.33% in the cryptocurrencies market. From the traditional financial trading perspective, the threshold for active projects is 3%. As the figure beats the threshold, most cryptocurrencies projects are actively trading. Also, the average turnover rate between 2017 and 2018 is above 3%, gives strong evidence that the market is dynamically active. Particularly, the turnover rate of FuturXe hits 1565981.79%,tops the figure, and Maverick Chain follows with an impressing figure 243.06%.

28.Behind the number · (2) Accumulated daily trade volume of exchanges图片29Currently, average of total turnover in cryptocurrency exchanges exceeds 76million USD, with high potential to hit 100 million with the boom of cryptocurrencies trading market, however, exchanges are exposed to unforeseen risks which could not be ignored.  The figure of average of turnover will set an entry barrier for the good performance of exchanges in the future. The climbing of turnover will put exchanges under pressure of strengthened regulation and policies, and which safeguards the assets of investors.  So far, above figures can be seen as benchmarks to evaluate the performance of exchanges.

29. Behind the number· (3) Average of ICOs of exchanges图片30The number of ICO projects of current exchanges averages at 62, beats the figure of 2017, which is 36, and this is a positive signal that the types of trade are dynamically growing .Comes with it is the increasing of trade pairs, and all of these above combined provides more trade options for investors, however, there isn’t guarantee that all the ICO projects are among the “A levels”, which means investors are also exposed to sizable risk.

30. Current mining performance of popular cryptocurrencies(GPU)图片31From the mining performance of GPU, which is popular in mainstream cryptocurrency market, ETH and XMR outstand among the battlefield and become the hottest GPU mining currency .However, it is also notably that there are some failed currencies among the GPU mining market , for example MONA( “blackhole”).

31.Current mining performance of popular cryptocurrencies(Asic)图片32From the mining performance of current mainstream cryptocurrency Asic, BTC and LTC beat the market, and become the most popular mining currencies of Asic, with short timeframe to cover the initial cost under of pressure of increasing mining difficulty. There are some failed currencies in the mining market of Asic , eg. DOGE.

32.Eco of cryptocurrency industry图片33



The report is produced by DAS Lab.










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