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Laomao: blockchain startup is to bet with lifetime credits

Lao Mao, co-founder of INBlockchain, partner of Grandshore Capital, sponsor of EOSlaomao, former COO of Yunbi. His wechat account has published more than 200 articles with high net-value followers.


As a columnist of 8btc, he is also the author of many popular articles. In 2016, he released “What is behind the crazy Bitcoin?”, which received over 1 million views.

“8btc is like a good friend of mine. We are doing things that we are mutually acknowledged for so many years.”

That’s the reason why he accepted the exclusive interview of 8btc. Below are some excerpts from the Chinese report.

Laomao was born in the 1970s and took his first job working for government. Later he resigned from the office and started an online shop on Taobao. In 2014 when Alibaba was listed in USA, he concluded that blockchain industry was about to thrive and launched a startup that accepted cryptocurrency payment. 4 years later, he has gained financial freedom and publicly stated that: he gave up any behavior that aims for personal gains.

“I am a person of partial liberalism. Since my weibo was blocked, I began to dig deeper in this society with my thoughts.”

He discovered that many things were restrained by incumbent institutions.

In 2013, Laomao noticed that on weibo that the price of BTC had risen to 65 USD. After some quick searches, he deposited around 6,000 yuan to exchanges to buy over 20 BTC in just 20 minutes. In 2014, Alibaba was listed and Laomao predicted that
“Giants are already forming and the e-commerce bonus period is over.”
He started thinking other directions. Bitcoin industry is one of the options.
He launched the “pineapple bazaar” website that accepts bitcoin payment. Later Qiu Liang invited him to startup business together in Beijing.

“The first reaction was a bit uncertain. First, I heard that Beijing’s haze was bad and the second reason was that salary was a little bit too low.”

He was offered 15,000 a month at that time. But in the end, he decided to join in Peatio, the exchanged funded by Li Xiaolai. Laomao recalled that:

“There may be a hidden reason: I can be getting closer to Li Xiaolai.”

Later, Peatio was rebranded as Yunbi and became the first domestic exchange to trade ethereum. In three years, Yunbi once took the first place in terms of trading volume globally until it was shut down after the “ICO Ban” in September 2017.
Laomao also disclosed his personal portfolio of crypto-assets.

“ I don’t have much BTC, around hundreds of them. I have more EOS, over one million. I also have some other tokens, but they don’t matter much and I don’t have exact number.”

When talking about future, Laomao points out two directions: seeking core power and expanding boundaries. EOS is the closest project to “core power” as it has many advantages like well-funded and good operations. Therefore, he is promoting “EOSlaomao” to be a block producer in EOS network.
Expanding boundaries means exploring the possibilities of linking the world with blockchains. He plans to hold an interesting meetup in Japan, which only entertains two types of people: blockchain technical team and media outlets. Perhaps a non-stop roadshow will promote more practical blockchain applications. He bought an apartment in Tokyo, which has become a must-visit spot for Chinese bitcoiners.

As a veteran player in the crypto world, Laomao has clearly defined who is on the other side of the river.

“The early adopters who left the crypto world during the bear market in 2014 returned in 2017 during the bull market and launched ICO without much contribution. These guys will always be on my blacklist.”

Startup in blockchain industry is to bet with credits throughout one’s lifetime. If failed, one may never come back.

Laomao’s life goal is freedom, which has been achieved at the moment. He likes kindness and purity. He feels lucky to achieve certain success without sacrificing them.

“I like what I am now. I hope that more people will feel the happiness brought about by this freedom.”


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