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Justin Sun to Monumentalize Ethereum ‘Not if but When’ TRON Overtakes it

The supposition that TRON would one day ‘usurp’ Ethereum continues to flourish among its community members. In response to a community member’s tweet about not being “a question of if but when” TRON overtakes Ethereum, its founder, Justin Sun, hinted in a post about building a monument “in memory of ” when TRON would have become a success.

Though the Singapore-based network which has often been dubbed a hype has dropped out as one of the top 10 crypto projects with the largest market cap, but that does not seem topical to its community. Rather, while there‘re responses supporting that Ethereum paved the way for many crypto projects to exist and excel today hence the need to pursue collaboration, staunch TRON supporters are bent on maintaining it’s superior. They take pride in the network’s metrics as shown in its dApp daily usage rate, speed, low cost and transactions per second.

Going well for TRON

TRON’s daring stance in the global blockchain space received a boost lately. The Chinese CCID Research Institute placed it second behind EOS in the 11th version of its Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index – while Ethereum is third. Global investment platform, eToro, added support for TRON to make it its 15th listed asset aimed at a targeted 10 million customers especially in the U.S. market. CEO of eToro Yoni Assia says TRON ticks the box of being one of the blockchain companies with big ideas. For the first time ever, TRON this week recorded higher daily transaction volumes on dApps in comparison to It also started a user testing of the  social media platform for content experience and accelerating the decentralization of the internet.

Ethereum’s ProgPoW debate continues 

On the other hand, the Ethereum community continues to grapple with a crucial matter due to lack of singleness of view on ProgPoW upgrade. The group is divided over whether to allow the upgrade which will seek to minimize the advantage miners using ASICs chips for their optimized power for faster mining over GPU miners. The fear is that more power would be concentrated in a very few ASIC manufacturers who will have the ability to hold back production for profit.

The end to the issue may not be in sight despite it has been dragging since August 2018 when it was first proposed. There have been votes on the matter and it was recently announced that an independent auditor from Germany would be contracted to analyze ProgPoW. However, not much is expected from the Berlin-based security consultancy Least Authority as opponents of the upgrade have deemed the effort as a distraction from Ethereum’s eventual move to Proof of Stake and a waste of time.

There are several other arguments put forward by ProgPoW opponents. They include that a similar race against ASICs in the Monero camp did not yield a positive outcome. They also claim that those writing ProgPoW “have an enormous financial incentive and close business relationship with AMD and NVIDIA” hence would make them sell more software and services to miners. The ProgPoW debate has become a consensus issue. Opinions would continue to be split over how healthy its discussion would be for the Ethereum network in the long term.


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