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Join Polkadot Substrate Career Training Camp and Settle China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou

Polkadot has entered a new era of multi-chain connectivity Web3.0 as its mainnet launched after nearly three years’ efforts. Polkadot connects several different parallel-chains who can interact and cooperate with each other together. Just like computers in the Internet age, they can carry more decentralized applications.

It is essential for developers to develop Web3.0 applications and products by the tool–Substrate. Recently, 8btc and his partners have jointly launched Substrate Training Camp to help Substrate developers better create innovative products of Polkadot ecology.

China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou, which is operated by 8btc, will provide a series of support such as media publicity, activity venue and incubation services for the projects selected for the training camp.

China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou is jointly constructed by the Hangzhou Management Committee of Future Science and Technology city and 8btc. At present, it has attracted many leading enterprises and projects from Polkadot ecology to settle in. Not long ago, 8btc Industry Alliance, Web3.0 Ecology (Hangzhou) Base, Open Financial Laboratory and International Cryptography and Big Data Privacy Base (Hangzhou) were all set up here.


(November 3, Web3.0 Ecology (Hangzhou) Base was licensed in China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou)

At present, the center has held a number of Polkadot-themed salons. Jia Yaoqi, technical director of Paris Asia, Yue Lipeng, founder of Patract Labs, and Jocy Lin, co-founder of IOSG Ventures, delivered speeches and shared their views here. In the future, with 8btc’s strenuous effort, the center is expected to become the gathering place of blockchain offline activities with the largest visitors in China. Forums and salons of all sizes will continue to attract blockchain enthusiasts from all over the country and even the world to gather here. The winning projects of this training camp will also be settled in China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou to enjoy the support of the park.


(November 3, Jia Yaoqi, technical director of Paris Asia was giving a speech in China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou)


(November 3, Jocy Lin, co-founder of IOSG Ventures was giving a speech in China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou)


(November 3, Yue Lipeng, founder of Patract Labs was sharing his ideas in China Blockchain Center · Hangzhou)

What is Substrate Career Training Camp?

Substrate Career Training Camp is a business incubator based on Substrate blockchain technology and Polkadot ecology. It was initiated by Polkaworld community, DataQin, 8btc, Nano MG innovation space, imToken, SimpleChain, IOSG, Acala Network, Digital Renaissance Foundation and Patract Labs, and Polkadot Ecology Research Institute. Its purpose is to help the team who want to join Polkadot ecology to start a application project from zero. The first phase of the training camp lasts for 3 months.

What will Substrate Career Training Camp do?

Substrate Career Training Camp provides all-round support in terms of strategy, technology, operation and financing for the selected team, and cultivates high-quality projects for Polkadot ecology, as follows:

1) The professional Polkadot ecology research team helps the teams to quickly discover opportunity in Polkadot ecology;

2) One-to-one helping the team to find strategic direction and sort out the technology roadmap;

3) The three-month progressive development plan helps the team grow from zero to become an excellent Polkadot ecological team;

4) In the monthly internal sharing meeting, senior mentors in the industry share experience in technology, operation, team building;

5) Set up the content matrix of the training camp to assist the team to voice better, acquire users and build communities;

6) Set up a special fund for the camp to provide start-up funds and follow-up financing match-up for excellent teams.

What can we get from Substrate Career Training Camp?

1) Enhance the understanding of Polkadot and grasp the latest opportunity of Polkadot ecology;

2) Get the guidance of Substrate technology development, sort out the complete technology development route;

3) Obtain community resource support and media exposure from Polkaworld and 8btc;

4) Obtain strategic investment from venture capital and other leading investment institutions in the industry;

5) Cooperate with other teams of the camp to arrange Polkadot cross-chain interaction in advance;

6) From zero, it takes three months to create an application project in Polkadot ecology.

 Who is suitable for Substrate Career Training Camp?

Substrate Career Training Camp welcomes all Polkadot / Substrate teams from early ecology. You can be:

1) Early teams or individuals who are developing Polkadot ecological projects or using Substrate for development;

2) The team or individual who has the good idea of Substrate / Polkadot ecological entrepreneurship and wants to find the appropriate technology route;

3) Teams or individuals who have created projects on Ethereum, EOS, SmpleChain and other public chains and are interested in Polkadot / Substrate ecology;

4) Individuals or teams who are optimistic about Polkadot ecology and want to find suitable entrepreneurial direction in Polkadot ecology;

5) Internet or traditional industry practitioners, teams or individuals who want to start blockchain entrepreneurship.

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