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Jihan Wu Denied Fake Statement Regarding F3 Ethereum ASIC

On 31 March, Wu Jihan, CEO of Bitmain, posted a weibo to deny a statement regarding F3, the upcoming Ethereum ASICs.

I noticed a report on Ethereum ASICs, the following statement is fake:

“It’s only available for a few big miners and inaccessible for the general people. Source told reporter that the new ASIC of Bitmain is mainly for the core partners of the company. In the future, Bitmain may use hashrate as a weapon for more power in the Ethereum ecosystem.”



He was referring to the report on 29 March titled: Bitmain allegedly to sell Ethereum ASIC in May, Wu Jihan Attempt to control ETH with miner group. The report was reposted by various media outlets. Despite the conspiracy implication, Jihan’s denial of the statement could be interpreted in many ways. First of all, F3 is emerging from stealth mode and it’s only a matter of time to see the actual machine. Secondly, the machine would be available to all potential buyers. Third, Bitmain is concerned with the charge of “centralizing” ethereum mining market.  Unconfirmed source claimed there were several projects of ethereum ASIC.
He also reposted screenshot of recent scam of “F3 impostor”. Scammers claimed they have laid hands on “F3 miner” with a supportive video clip and accept payment of pre-sale. Didi of Antminer revealed that the video was modified based on S9 miner.



Comments on Jihan Wu’s clarification read:

A: So it’s available for common people, right?
B: It’s good for Ethereum to have support from ASIC miner
C: Bitmain will be IOI company in Ready Player One
D: It’s right to support Vitalik.
E: Which part is fake? If the rest are true, it’s still monopoly.
F: ETH to hard fork again?

Earlier report revealed that F3 might be mounted with 72GB DRAM. However, a report on Nanya Technolgoy today, the DRAM supplier of Bitmain, claimed that F3 miner would be mounted with 576 pcs of 1Gb DDR3. So the rumour seems to be true.(thanks for clarification from @ETHxCC)


As eth price continues to drop in recent days, some small miners had already sold GPU miners or turn to other GPU-mineable tokens.


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