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Jianhan Wu vs Craig Wright: Can Metanet Realize Satoshi’s Original Design or Just Humiliating Sidechain

After the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork war has settled down, Bitmain’s Jianhuan Wu and nChain’s Craig Steven Wright (CSW) immediately started a new round of Twitter war of words.

December 2, CSW announced that he was currently working on a blockchain project named Metanet. He claimed that this project may overturn the traditional internet and transform it into Bitcoin’s “sidechain”.

Soon afterward, Wu commented on CSW’s Metanet and said he is humiliating the term of “sidechain”.

Can Metanet realize Satoshis original design?

According to Coingeek, Metanet is essentially a commodity ledger. CSW demonstrated that:

“What we’re going to actually create is a replacement for the Internet. The internet becomes a sidechain. I don’t care how as a peer network you distribute data, I care that you distribute it. If you have HandCash or near-field or IP or private networks or X.25, it’s a value network. The entire global system connected commercially.”

However, although CSW claimed that Metanet may realize Satoshi’s original design for some extent, few people see it as a positive under the official Coingeek tweet.

Some comments wrote: “Remove the usurped Bitcoin name and what’s left is just another ‘shitcoin’ with delusional promises of ‘Blockchain will disrupt and revolutionize EVERYTHING’.”

Most people considered CSW is generating another centralized project. In fact, Metanet uses the same data structure as blockchain to record payment and content data. According to CSW, crypto software wallet based on Metanet can be used to encode content data in addition to cryptocurrency transactions.

A replacement of the Internet?

The operation mode of Metanet is showing below:558itwswb2lp5e9v

CSW assert that:

“This is what Bitcoin really is about. Bitcoin is a value network, a global way of opening trade. Bitcoin is there to enable you to create the next wave of global commerce.”

After Wright announced its new project, his most deadly enemy, Jihan Wu commented that the ‘Fake Satoshi’ is humiliating the term of sidechain.

Interestingly, Wu hasn’t gained many supporters either. Most people believe that the words war between Wright and Wu derives from the BCH hard fork disputes.



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