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Hot search keywords is about to Launch its Anti-Counterfeiting Blockchain Consortium in August

Chinese e-commerce giant is about to launch a independently developed Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform, the main chain of the Global Anti-Counterfeiting blockchain consortium will be officially launched in early August.shutterstock_431510626-e1521730632583

BaaS basically provides blockchain based technical solutions for governments and enterprises to upgrade their blockchain powered business systems. At present, both the domestic and foreign Internet giants have all launched their BaaS platforms, includes IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Tencent and Baidu.

In addition, before the main chain of the blockchain consortium launches,’s supply chain department also start recruiting cooperation partners. According to the recruitment, the main chain will be deployed and maintained by JD BaaS platform.

At present, the traceability blockchain nodes will first be deployed. Participating companies can either use the anti-counterfeiting main chain directly or add their own blockchain nodes to it, in order to encode all the data of the products in the entire supply chain, includes its raw materials, production and processing, logistics and transportation as well as the retail procedures.

According to Sun Haibo, head of the anti-counterfeiting blockchain platform of’s Y Business Unit, indicated that, in order to have a further long-term cooperation in technology and business development, will set a preliminary screening for the cooperation partners of the blockchain consortium. has released a blockchain white paper in March this year. The firm listed 5 blockchain application scenarios in its white paper, which includes the supply chain, finance, government and public sectors, insurance fraud prevention, and big data security. In addition to the supply chain, JD will adopt blockchain technology in more kinds of application scenarios after they release the main chain.

Although is still on its early stage of the anti-counterfeiting blockchain consortium, the firm is experienced in the blockchain adoption in supply chain. In the previous 618 shopping festival, claimed that its blockchain based “JD blockchain anti-counterfeiting platform” has attracted more than 400 domestic and foreign brands and traced more than 1 billion items of over 11,000 key commodities.


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