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Hot search keywords and Monash University Sign Blockchain Strategic Cooperation Agreement

August 29, JD Cloud, the cloud unit of China’s second-largest e-commerce site, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Monash University, one of the top universities in Australia according to TechWeb.170116-campt-lpnew-monash

As a leading cloud computing provider and blockchain technology practitioner in China, JD Cloud has deep technical accumulation in cloud computing and blockchain. This cooperation marks that JD Cloud has put more efforts in developing the underlying layer technology of blockchain.

According to the agreement, the two parties will mainly cooperate in the four aspects:

First of all, they will jointly conduct in-depth researches on the underlying technology of blockchain, including the application of cryptography such as ring signature, zero-knowledge proof, and homomorphic commitment scheme in blockchain to meet the privacy protection and regulation requirements.

Secondly, they will focus on blockchain data analysis and aiming to transfer the blockchain data into the relational database, applying the data analysis algorithm, to conduct the in-depth mining of valuable information in blockchain data, in order to provide decision-making basis for blockchain evaluation and financial investment.

Thirdly is the integration of blockchain and database. JD cloud and Monash University is aiming to use blockchain technology to enable the distributed storage of data, and using searchable encryption to ensure data security and the efficient of retrieval.

Finally is the blockchain technology talent training. In order to make the most of the scientific and technological advantages of Monash University, JD Cloud will support Monash to conduct blockchain training courses in China and cultivate more technical talents for the blockchain industry.

He Gang, vice president of JD,com Group and head of JD Cloud Product R&D Department, indicated that, JD Cloud has unique technical advantages in blockchain field. Based on respective superior resources and complementary technological achievements, JD Cloud is building a new R&D model including research, production, and education.

Monash University’s scientific research results can also be rapidly transformed into productions through the blockchain lab of JD Cloud and it will also support Monash in cultivating blockchain talents in China. Through this strategic cooperation, JD Cloud will provide efficient, stable and safe cloud computing services and solutions to their enterprise users.


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