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Coinex: Critical flaws in “trade-to-mine” model

Jul 18, 2018


8th July Shenzhe- Chainge Meetup in Shenzhen, Haipo Yang, founder of Coinex, shared his insights on the “trade-to-mine” model. In June, Fcoin introduced the “trade-to-mine” mode to the crypto exchange markets. Followers are swarming after the success of Fcoin. According to ...

Lao Mao: There Might Be 30-50 Crypto Exchanges In Japan

Apr 20, 2018


Lao Mao, founder of INB, accepted the exclusive interview from 8btc. Below is the translation of condensed transcripts. Video could be found here. Q: Did you settle down in Japan? How is life there? Lao Mao: I like the life style of Japan. I am very happy to live there, but I...

Credit Ease Chen Huan: Blockchain Has Business Boundaries

Feb 9, 2018


Finance is often progressed with science and technology. "In the era of datanized and smart finance, P2P service empowered by technology make it possible for financial intermediation. The power of technology is limitless, such as the cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, they may be creating a ...

8btc Founder Chang Jia: What Is Blockchain Thinking?

Feb 8, 2018

Chang Jia

February 3 2018 Shanhai-Chang Jia, founder of 8btc and bytom, believes that the operation mechanism and business mechanism of blockchain and internet are completely different. They could be mirroring each other. In the "2017-2018 China Blockchain Billboard Ceremony" held yesterday, Chang ...