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BTC38 to Offer 0% Transaction Fee for Company Account

Dec 6, 2016

Red Li

On 5th Dec, BTC38 introduced company account verification and 0% transaction fee for these accounts by the end of 2017. Currently individual user need to submit ID number and mobile phone number verification for level 1 or 30,000 RMB monthly deposit limit, hand-held ID photos for level ...

Charles Lee : Anonymity Could Be a Litecoin Feature

Sep 21, 2016


In the interview, Lee reveals he started Litecoin as a fun project and never expected it to become as big-time as it did. He wanted to experiment and improve Bitcoin, but also create something better than the pumps and pre-mines of other altcoin projects. Anonymity Could Be a Litecoin Fea...

8BTC Interview with BTCChina

Nov 8, 2013


  Bitcoin continues to grow in value and BTC China, the lead Chinese Bitcoin exchange and one of the lead Bitcoin exchanges in the world, is expanding tremendously. Bitcoin Magazine received a transcribed and translated copy of Yang Yang of 8BTC’s interview with Bobby L...