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5 Potential Risks When Investing ICO

May 23, 2017


Bo Shen, cofounder of Fenbushi Capital, delivered a speech on Hangzhou Blockchain Technology and Application Summit 2017, topic of which is The situation and outlook for blockchain investment. Fenbushi Capital is a Chinese Fund focusing on blockchain investment. The company was founde...

Summary of Chinese articles that support softfork scaling

Dec 16, 2016

Red Li

Ma Long, or better known as Maya/Cndx in Chinese Bitcoin community, is a Segwit enthusiast and Core-supporter, summarize a series of Chinese posts on softfork scaling to better educate the Chinese community on 8btc. Ma Long quit his fulltime job and dig into Bitcoin and blockchain ...

BTC38 to Offer 0% Transaction Fee for Company Account

Dec 6, 2016

Red Li

On 5th Dec, BTC38 introduced company account verification and 0% transaction fee for these accounts by the end of 2017. Currently individual user need to submit ID number and mobile phone number verification for level 1 or 30,000 RMB monthly deposit limit, hand-held ID photos for level ...