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Interview with Aasif Shah – CEO & Co-Founder at Epillo Health Systems OÜ

Epillo Health Systems OÜ is a company focused on consumer health and fitness solutions. Through the implementation of blockchain technology, IoT, artificial intelligence and Web 3.0, the Epillo group aims to reduce the healthcare barriers and provide quality care, increase efficiency and access to care, and improve patient satisfaction to redefine the next era of this industry.


On October 30th 2022, the company will launch an early bird sale of the EPILLO token . This is an opportunity to enter the vast and futuristic Epillo ecosystem and contribute to their future developments. During an exclusive interview, Aasif Shad, CEO and Co-Founder of Epillo Health Systems, shared insightful information regarding the future of the company and its stand towards blockchain technology in the health and fitness industry:

1. Do you think blockchain technology can improve the way we process health information? 

I think the implementation of blockchain technology in healthcare is the need of the hour, as it can precisely enhance the efficiency, security, and transparency of peer-to-peer health information exchange with data protection and the right to be forgotten.

Blockchain can maintain the integrity of health records while establishing a single point of truth allowing all the stakeholder to store and access crucial health information on the chain backed by cryptographic guarantees. As of today, Blockchain technology is greatly underutilized in the healthcare industry, globally. From data privacy to transparency, security or swift transaction processing, blockchain technology has an enormous scope. As the blockchain-based health and fitness integration ecosystem continues to grow, Epillo Health System will remain at the center with its own developments in this industry: its Blockchain-connected Smart wearable devices and NFT-based Health Data storage.

2. How do you think FitMint Wear will impact the health and fitness industry?

The concept of health based smartwatches was to bring a positive change in the fitness industry, and it did, although to a certain limit. Where on one hand health & fitness based smart watches created awareness about the importance of health & fitness metrics, such as Steps count, Calories, Heart rate, SpO2, ECG, BP and how users can keep fit by monitoring these metrics, on the other hand they failed to deliver accurate results, to protect privacy and security of users’ healthdata, and to give users a reason to workout.

This is where FitMint Wear comes into the picture and focuses on delivering the most secure smart wearable range that users can rely upon, protecting the privacy and security of users’ health data with blockchain technology, encouraging users to stay fit with NFT gaming, incentivizing users with our Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols and much more. So, as we take on all these challenges that users have been facing, we believe FitMint Wear will impact the health and fitness industry quite positively. 
3. What type of products are you planning on adding to the marketplace for FitMint wear?

For the smartwatch users, our marketplace will have a huge variety of health and wellness based products and services including Personal care products, fitness products, Nutraceuticals, Health-Food products, Medical Aids & Devices, Genomics testing (DNA) & Clinical testing kits, Global Health Consultations, and more. We are also planning to include Global Health insurances for our FitMint smartwatch users community in the second phase.

4. The gamification of physical activity sounds great, but how do you plan to sustain it in the long run? How will the token maintain its value in time if people can easily mint it by working out?

Well, the gamification is not as easy and simple as it sounds. We have divided the whole game into 3 badges, which, in layman’s language, decides the difficulty level. Each badge consists of 25 levels that the user needs to complete before upgrading to another badge. Users can spend the earned EPILLO token inside the app for availing NFT upgrades, higher rewards cap, availing products and services, and much more. So, the whole concept and tokenomics of gamification is quite sustainable and engaging for the longer run. 

Also, It would be unfair if we assume the value of the EPILLO token will solely depend upon Gamification. The tokenomics of EPILLO was curated by seasoned crypto veterans. The value of EPILLO will depend upon several aspects as it aims to create a sustainable economy by offering multiple utilities in the entire Epillo Health Ecosystem while aligning the incentives for all the stakeholders of the system- community builders, developers, and investors. 

5. What will be the initial price of the Epillo token, and will it gain value over time?

The initial listing price of EPILLO Token will be $ 0.82. However, if you participate in the ongoing private sale of EPILLO Token, you can get it at a discount of 33% from its premium listing original price. The private sale will last till November 14th, 2022. During the sale you can purchase EPILLO Tokens for $ 0.55. 

We believe that EPILLO Token will gain value over time, as it does not represent just a decentralized currency but a whole decentralized healthcare system, which is going to completely change the way you interact with healthcare services. EPILLO Token is solving some of the most crucial problems in healthcare while also revolutionizing it. And we should not overlook how rapidly the healthcare industry is growing. The global healthcare services market size is $7548.52 billion, which is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8%.

6. When do you expect for the FitMint Wear to be available for purchase? Price? Where to buy? And will the app be available as well? 

Expecting would not be the right word here, as you will be able to pre-book your FitMint Wear pro from the first week of December 2022. For the price, I would rather keep it a surprise, which will be revealed at the pre-booking event of FitMint Wear Pro, but it will range between $150-$200 depending on the device and NFT variant.  You can simply order your FitMint Wear smartwatch from our website, which is And the FitMint Wear Dapp will be available as well in the first week of December for closed beta testing in our community. 

7. Is Epillo Health planning on developing other blockchain-based devices for the health and fitness industry? 

Yes, our team is constantly working on developing more devices offering a combination of IOT, Health Metrics & Blockchain for the FitMint smart wearables range. We are also working adding more and more products and services to the Epillo Health ecosystem.

8. Can you share any other exciting news for the near future? 

Well, we are going to ship the first blockchain-based smartwatches to our community by the end of 2022 and open the product for worldwide shipping thereafter. In the pipeline are new models in the blockchain based smart wearable range and new health products and services. However, to know more about the projects we will be launching in the near future, the readers can always check the timeline in our website,

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