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Coinex: Critical flaws in “trade-to-mine” model

Jul 18, 2018


8th July Shenzhe- Chainge Meetup in Shenzhen, Haipo Yang, founder of Coinex, shared his insights on the “trade-to-mine” model. In June, Fcoin introduced the “trade-to-mine” mode to the crypto exchange markets. Followers are swarming after the success of Fcoin. According to ...

Lao Mao: There Might Be 30-50 Crypto Exchanges In Japan

Apr 20, 2018


Lao Mao, founder of INB, accepted the exclusive interview from 8btc. Below is the translation of condensed transcripts. Video could be found here. Q: Did you settle down in Japan? How is life there? Lao Mao: I like the life style of Japan. I am very happy to live there, but I...