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INT Chain 4.0 ‘Titans’ Testnet Mining Competition — Phase 4


Competition Details

Phase 4 of the Testnet mining competition will start at block height of 100,000 and will end at block height of 1,000,000. We have allocated a total reward pool of 900,000 INT, including 800,000 INT for technical prizes and 100,000 INT for operational prizes. The rewards will be split between these events:

  1. Technology Reward

INT Pot (Technology)

All entrants in the competition will receive a share from a pool of 100,000 INT.

Note: Official nodes not included.

Mining Race (Technology)

A total of 250,000 INT rewards for this event. The number of INT you can receive is determined by the number of blocks you mine. Here is the calculation method:

250,000 INT * (the number of blocks you mine / the total number of blocks mined during the competition period) = your INT reward

Note:The total number of blocks does not include the blocks generated by the official node.

Lucky Block (Technology)

We will set 45 lucky block heights and give 10,000 INT to each node who mines each of those blocks.


Note: If the lucky block is generated by an official node, the lucky block is determined by the next block mined.

  1. Operation Reward

Community Contributor (Operation)

A total of 50,000 INT will be awarded to contributors who guide and help other members actively participate in this competition.

Article Rewards (Operation)

A total of 50,000 INT for this part. Node operators participating in this competition can write experience articles on various aspects such as consensus, performance, etc. The articles are required to be 1000 words or more and send to INT team,you will receive a reward of 5000 INT per article.

Activity Period


Starting block height: 100,000

Ending block height: 1,000,000

Swapping period: 29th March — 11th April (UTC+8)

Mining period: 12th April — 12th May (UTC+8)

Reward collection period: 13 May — 20 May (UTC+8)


1) There will be a limit of 25 validator nodes for this phase. Depending on the situation, the official nodes will provide votes to ensure normal operation of the network.

2) At least 1,000,000 votes are required to become a validated node.

3) The competition has a disabling mechanism. If a node does not participate in consensus in any full cycle, it will be disabled for at least one cycle. Enabling the node again after being disabled requires manual operation by the user.

How to Participate?


How to swap?

How to register a node?

Warm Tips:

1) Please do not test TPS during the competition, it will consume network resources and affect the competition.

2) Please complete the mapping and award collection within the specified window to be eligible for the competition.

3) INT Foundation reserves the right to the interpretation of the competition results.

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