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Innosilicon’s Bitcoin Mining ASIC Powered by Samsung’s Low-power FinFET Performs at 63W/TH

Innosilicon, designer of the industry leading cryptocurrency mining ASIC products, announced on July 31 that it has achieved an industry record-breaking performance in its Terminator Sha256 Bitcoin mining ASIC series by utilizing Samsung Foundry’s advanced low-power FinFET technology, according to its official website.

This ASIC, with a 63W/TH performance on chip, 75W/TH at the wall (25 degree ambient), is currently in mass production and available right away to power a new generation of Bitcoin mining equipments with record-breaking energy efficiency.

The current Innosilicon Bitcoin mining ASIC has already been used in the most power-efficient miner, known as Terminator2 Miner with 17.2TH at 1430W. The newly updated T2-Turbo miner offers enhanced 24TH/s performance per a small tube in normal mode and its power consumption goes as low as 75W/TH at the wall in low-power mode, 30% better than the closest competing products in the market. Its latest ZCash mining equipment is up to thirty times more efficient than GPUs. Innosilicon new innovative Ethereum Mining product A10 is set to be a few times more efficient than other ETH Miners in the market.

“We are very pleased to provide the upmost low-power solution to Smart Server through Innosilicon to ensure very competitive equipment life time,” said Ryan Sanghyun Lee, vice president of Foundry Marketing Team at Samsung Electronics. “We believe that Innosilicon’s T2 Bitcoin mining ASIC, based on Samsung’s advanced low-power FinFET process, will offer differentiated value to its customers with notable benefits of power efficiency and high-performance.”

Prior to that, Samsung has supplied 10nm chips for Ebang’s E10 18T miner last December; since January, it has been supplying ASIC chips for Halong Mining, a cryptocurrency mining equipment distributor in China. Samsung’s move and ambition in mining do provide a much-needed dose of competition in the industry.

“By Collaborating with Samsung Foundry and leveraging its the-state-of-the-art FinFET technology, we are able to deliver a premier next generation Bitcoin mining ASIC that meets the needs of the most demanding user under any market conditions. With today’s sharp hash rate growth, the Terminator2 ASIC with its unsurpassed efficiency provides much lower operational risk and much higher ROI over the next 12 to 24 months over the existing generation” said Roger Mao, Vice President of Engineering at Innosilicon.

“Improving power efficiency by as much as 30% is nothing short of phenomenal in today’s competitive market. Innosilicon has chosen Samsung Foundry because of the outstanding process technology and its extremely solid engineering and production support. Innosilicon and Samsung will go a long way as good partners to deliver many more exciting low power products in the market in the coming years.”

As its announcement shows, the Innosilicon T2-17.2TH and T2-Turbo-24TH featuring the latest ASIC is available right away from Hong Kong. Demo will be available in a worldwide roadshow which covers Japan, China, Russia, USA and Canada among others. Innosilicon is opening up all its latest custom ASIC with software/hardware reference design for interested OEM/ODM buyers to support decentralization and miner DIY (Do It Yourself).

The news came almost the same time as Canaan released its AvalonMiner A9 featured by 7nm ASIC chips at a stunning 30T hashrate, with Terminator focusing its ambition on low power while Avalon on hashrate. The China-based big three crypto miner manufacturers – Bitmain, Canaan and Ebang – have elbowed its way into Hurun’s unicorn list of 2018 Q2. The rapid rise of Innosilicon’s power-efficient Terminator series forebodes the competition’s becoming more and more throat-cutting.

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