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imToken, A Cryptocurrency Wallet with More Than 7 Million Users, Is Going Open-Source

SINGAPORE– Oct 24, 2018, imToken has officially open-sourced the core codes of imToken 2.0 on the code management platform, Github.


Established in May 2016, imToken is now one of the most popular digital asset management platforms. The recognition for imToken extends far beyond physical borders, supported by a user base of over 7 million users in over 220 countries and regions, who collectively created more than 22 million wallet addresses. Up till June 2018, the total value of assets transferred using imToken crossed the USD 45 billion mark.

The open-sourced imToken 2.0 strives to be a one-stop digital asset management tool for users, offering a plethora of features packed in a single app. Firstly, multi-chain asset management. imToken 2.0 supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, and EOS blockchains, reducing the friction to interact with each of the blockchains. Also, with imToken 2.0 at hand, users are able to conduct seamless token swaps through the native decentralized exchange, Tokenlon and access a wide range of decentralized applications (DApps) with the robust DApp browser.

With the headquarter strategically located in Singapore, imToken has it’s compass clearly set to cater to the global audience. In terms of technical experience, the core team members of imToken have an average of 10 years of experience in internet product design and development, who saw the potential benefits the blockchain technology can offer to the society. The announcement of open-sourcing the imToken 2.0 TokenCore codes came in the form of a public letter by the CEO and founder, Ben He, who provided a comprehensive explanation of what the TokenCore codes consist of.

It is stated in the open letter that, the TokenCore codes of imToken 2.0 are responsible for the management of user wallet’s private keys. The first commit on the TokenCore codes was done more than two years ago, the stability and reliability of the codes were both tested and proven by more than 7 million users imToken has right now. Besides concretizing the trust of imToken’s users, open-sourcing the TokenCore codes also conveys the team’s willingness to contribute to the decentralized community, sharing crucial developing experience and expertise to help with the formulation of community standards or the progression of the industry as a whole.

The imToken 2.0 TokenCore codes, coupled with the react native codes of iOS and Android are all open-sourced on imToken’s Github:

imToken’s CEO and founder, Ben mentioned: “The blockchain advocates natural openness in design. Open sourcing the codes will significantly lower the barriers of entry for developers or enterprises alike to jointly embark on the journey to construct a robust ecosystem for imToken. The development of the blockchain technology is still at its infancy stage, it is crucial to have collaborative effort from both the community members and ecosystem partners, to optimise the development of the blockchain industry as a whole.”

More than 6 months was spent on comprehensive security audits and interactions with renowned security audit firms including Slowmist and Cure53, that audited Metamask among the list of other companies.

A bug bounty programme is also shared in the open letter, encouraging white-hat hackers or the developer community who have identified vulnerabilities and bugs to feedback to imToken through the announced platform or official email channels with bounties to be rewarded. imToken will also actively participate in different international security platforms such as Hackerone in the near future.

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About imToken

Founded in 2016 by Ben He, CEO of imToken, a cryptocurrency wallet with more than 7 million users, used by the leading cryptocurrency investors worldwide. Backed by IDG Capital, imToken offers support for 40,000 tokens and internationally recognized for its security features as a digital asset management tool. imToken is headquartered in Singapore.

Our strategic partners include Circle/Kyber Network/0x/Etherscan.

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