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ICO Proxy Allegedly Scammed 140,000 ETH In China, RFR Involved

Since the ICO ban last September, proxies that claims to have the capability to enter pre-sale or private sale of various ICO projects have emerged in the community. The most recent case exposed is that scammers disappeared with around 140,000 ETH. The number was not verified or could be purposely exaggerated to attract attention. However, the tricks performed by scammers is neither sophisticated nor convincing. It’s hard to believe how gullible that the victims are.
On 2 March, OKEX released the note of listing Refereum (RFR), which reminded the victims of their unclaimed tokens, which, they believed, should be issued to their wallet prior to listing on exchanges. So the investors began question their proxies, only to know that their tokens have not been issued and issuance of tokens depends on “their location”.


Proxy claimed that tokens have not been issued to “domestic investors” after RFR was listed on OKEX

Some people have claimed their tokens and some not. Such saying was far from convincing and investors had to go to the worst assumption that the proxies had scammed them and were trying to cash out by making up weak excuses. The purpose is to buy them more time on cashing out through exchanges.
Then scammers kicked investors out of the wechat group and blacklisted them. Then victims began to search for help by exposing personal info of the proxies. But it was almost too late as ETH have been split and cashed out on different exchanges. Chatlog revealed that victims have contacted He Yi, COO of Binance, for assistance.
The victim asked:

“ICO proxy disappeared with around 80,000 ETH. The tricky part is that obviously they have been plotting this for a long time. They split ETH into thousands of wallets and deposited to Binance. What should we do?”


Another screenshot indicates that the proxies may have been working on other ICO projects and more ETH were scammed. Therefore the sheer amount o f


The leaked ID of the proxies were said to be fake.

Response from the community:

“Don’t trust proxy! Don’t participate in private ICO! Beware of risks!”
Call the police. Besides most projects failed to hold its ICO price upon listing.
I am not sympathetic. The greediness of humanity actually spawn the scammers.”

But one suggestion is worth pondering:

“Why not just HODL your BTC and ETH. “


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