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ICO-Derived Tokens’ Prices May Fall Another 90%, Says Bitmain’s CEO Jihan Wu

“ICO bubble has started to burst from the beginning of 2018, and the sum of investments from ICOs is nose diving. Tokens’ prices may fall another 90 percent.” said Jihan Wu, co-founder and CEO of Bitmain, at the prestigious Tsinghua University on November 2.


Wu echoed an industry concern over the unregulated, bubble-like nature of ICOs. He argued  initial coin offering(ICO), in essence, is a security issuance activity which should be under strict scrutiny across the globe.

“ICO brings two problems— information asymmetry and proxy investment— which are impossible to be solved by the blockchain technology.” Wu said.

The 32-year-old crypto billionaire mentioned “unregulated financial activities are the beginning of a disaster”, because unregulated ICOs allow scammers to waste a greater flow of financial resources, which dampens investors’ enthusiasm for innovations. In the ICO market’s Wild-West-like ecosystem, the bubble is popping and more and more ICO-derived tokens are heading to zero value or being delist by exchanges.

He also touched on the topic of regulation and believed sound regulations will fuel the growth of blockchain financial market. “The financial market powered by blockchain has created unprecedented global connectivity. A wide variety of digital tokens are traded in the multinational market,or on hundreds of exchanges simultaneously, a rare phenomena for the finance sector.” Wu said.

He predicted that financial regulators of every country will compete to attract blockchain startups by creating a favorable environment.

“The blockchain market, with greater integration with traditional financial regulators, will significantly improve financial efficiency and offers a window of opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to play their potential.” Wu added.

The staunch supporter of Bitcoin Cash thought in the next bull market, Bitcoin’s dominance on the market may further drop.As the oldest and most famous digital currency, bitcoin will certainly see a value growth in the future. But some other cryptos which boast eye-catching innovations in technology and community governance will also surge in value.

Notably,  Bitmain contributes to the establishment of the digital finance assets research center affiliated with Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. The research center will commit itself to bridging the central banks that back fiat currencies and the the growing plethora of cryptocurrencies worldwide.


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    4 years ago SEREG79

    ICO-Derived Tokens’ Prices May Fall Another 90%, Says Bitmain’s CEO Jihan Wu | http://NEWS.8BTC.COM …

  • シュウまっする@BCH筋トレ部
    4 years ago シュウまっする@BCH筋トレ部

    Bitcoin Cashの強力な支持者であるジハン・ウー氏「次の強気市場では、Bitcoinの市場支配力がさらに低下するだろう。Bitcoinは将来的には価値の伸びが見込まれるが、テクノロジーやコミュニティガバナンスに目を引くイノベーションを誇る他の暗号通貨もまた価値が高まります」 …

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